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August 31, 2010 – Isa


Isa is the vowel “i” (pronounced “ee)

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Ice is very cold and immeasurably slippery;
it glistens as clear as glass and most like to gems;it is a floor wrought by the frost, fair to look upon

Isa is the rune of Ice, cold and stillness. In the depth of winter, when it is record cold temperatures, living things are dormant or seeking refuge from ice, and snow that surrounds them. This is a trend that even appears in warmer climes, as the winter months in Southern California, often the streets are emptier at night, there are less people out, and everyone is gathered in their homes, or with friends. In that stillness there can grown contemplation, reflection and insight. Isa can be the stillness and silence of deep meditation, where everything exterior seems to fall away, leaving only a centered-ness where one can be an observer, and experience the oneness and detachment at the same time.

A part of me feels like that this is a call, to be silent, and bring stillness to the chattering of my mind, so that I can embrace the quiet strength of Spirit and my soul.

August 30, 2010 – Eihwaz


Eihwaz is the long “i” sound, but is rarely used in script.

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The yew is a tree with rough bark,
hard and fast in the earth, supported by its roots,a guardian of flame and a joy upon an estate.

Eihwaz today signifies a coming together, that possibility of seemingly disparate things being linked, and a relationship being formed between them. That relationship might be benevolent, a conjuction that brings good things to both in harmony. It might also be difficult or malevolent, a stressful opposition, but it also involves balance, a dynamic tension that forces both elements into action.

August 26, 2010 – Ac reversed

Ac reversed

Ac is the long a sound (ah)

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The oak fattens the flesh of pigs for the children of men.
Often it traverses the gannet’s bath,and the ocean proves whether the oak keeps faithin honourable fashion.

Ac reversed signifies that deception, dishonor, and disingenuous dealings, usually with people. It is an unfortunate, but there are people who don’t take commitments seriously, who break contracts and agreements, and who area very irresponsible in a number of ways. Ultimately, it all falls upon that person, who failed to read the agreement he was entering into, who didn’t bother to keep track of to whom promises were made, and then when the collector comes calling, he seeks to break out of that commitment, claiming foul play and casting disrepute onto those with whom the debtor came into agreement. The commit-aphobic as it were.

August 25, 2010 – Khalk


Khalk is the letter K

There is no rune poem for Khalk. It is a Northumbrian Rune.

Khalk, the cup, signifies that today is dreams, hopes, desires. It often serves to indicate how close we have come to achieving them, but also how far we have yet to go. It refreshes, but once drunk to the dregs, leaves one thirsting for more, seeking to be fulfilled again, or at least to have a new desire that can motivate and captivate you, as one dream becomes a reality, a new dream surfaces to take it’s place. Now that you have won, what will you do know?

August 24, 2010 – Hagalaz


Hagalaz is the letter H

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Hail is the whitest of grain;
it is whirled from the vault of heavenand is tossed about by gusts of windand then it melts into water
The rune of hail, storms and disruption is the rune for this Tuesday, as Southern California experiences one of the few major heatwaves of the summer. It is one of my less preferred meteorlogical patterns, but when you leave in a Mediterranean desert, it is something you get used to. Interesting enough, Hagalaz seems more like a pattern break. Too long have things been going on in their usual routine, and now, *SNAP* it’s time to break out of that routine. The energies are present and available, and will act forth whether you are ready or not. Harness and channel that lightning strike of Hagalaz, grounding that energy into something useful

August 19, 2010 – Aethel


Aethel is the dipthong “ae”

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

An estate is very dear to every man,
if he can enjoy there in his housewhatever is right and proper in constant prosperity

Aethel points to your home, and your ancestors, those people whose bloodline, you may be the current repository and passer of. I find the two ideas are often intertwined on a metaphysical level. Peace in your home, harmony, abundance, prosperity, and all good things can be seen as the blessings of your ancestors, the people who look upon you from photographs, and memorabilia, like grandma’s tea cup or tie pin that your great grandfather may have had, passed down from generation to generation. Giving respect and reverence to these people, both living and passed, often is a way that blessings will grow and accumulate in your own life

August 18, 2010 – Aesc reversed

Aesc reversed

Aesc is the dipthong “ae”

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The ash is exceedingly high and precious to men.
With its sturdy trunk it offers a stubborn resistance,though attacked by many a man.

The rune for today is almost comical to me, in light of my experience while doing my spiritual disciplines this morning. Moving from my meditation, I felt the strong desire to visit the Runatyr, mainly because I felt this intuition to pull out a red candle, carve the complete Futhorc into it, dressing with one of my all purposes condition oils, and light it. Wondering why I got this instruction, I sought out the Allfather, to ask, and see. Well, it’s always good to give the rune wights some love (and payment) but I also got a flash of inspiration as well, I think for paying a visit and my respects, and following the impulse I was given. In that sense, Aesc reversed speaks to power of the Gods and wights, coming down, making themselves known, and how to go about directing that power that they gift you with. As I think of the Aesc (the ash tree) as being a symbol of the Upper Realms, when it is reversed, it is the power of those realms being poured forth in very précise ways. It also points to that during the night I was having a series of vivid dreams, that occurred one after the other. This almost never happens to me, but when it does, it feels like a floodgate has been opened.