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H is for Herbs and spices


I love herbs. My mom is a gardener and growing up with a garden with plants growing and herbs all around has always been interesting to me, although spading and working the soil was not my favorite thing as a kid. When I discovered the magic of herbs, I jumped at it, and one of my first entries in my magical workbook was several pages about herb lore. Although it would be a while before I really started doing a lot with herbs, when I started cooking regularly, they also become a favorite way to give flavor, depth and interest to dishes.

Herbs (which for me cover everything like seeds, barks, roots, petals, flowers, stamens and leaves) have a multitude of means of putting them to work in practical sorcery While I don’t always think about magical relationships with herbs while cooking, sometimes the symbolism I find can be quite potent. An apple pie with cinnamon or clove can be clever and tasty way to deliver a love spell. A good marinara sauce seasoned with basil, rosemary and sage can help to promote peace and blessings among the inhabitants of a home. Make a protection soup with white mustard, black pepper and that ubiquitous pinch of salt, which can both be magical and flavorful. A cup of chamomile tea can be soothing and relaxing, but also help bring luck, especially with money.

Of course, there are more ritualized methods of working with herbs as well, that are not so subtle. Making a herbal blend which you then boil or steep in hot water to make a magical bath. For cleansing I have a preference for sage (the garden variety) hyssop and eucalyptus leaves. For love, Rose petals, lavender buds, and some rosemary make for a gentle love drawing bath that smells quite green and floral. For something a bit more spicy, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom made into a strong tea and then bathed in can also bring a bit for physical enjoyment. You can also just simmer the above spices, or a pumpkin spice blend in a pot of water to get the scent to fill the home before an amour comes over to visit. Similarly a bath in cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice can help to draw wealth and good fortune. You can also bath in chamomile tea, which creates a bath of golden water, a very striking image of as you are bathing in gold.

While not as commonly used by many people, powders are a good way to apply magic. A practice that comes mainly from African American folk traditions, it is often overlooked by people outside of tha tradition, except for well known powders like Hotfoot Powder or Goofer Dust, two powders used to curse people, either to drive them away, or to potentially kill them. You can also use simple powdered herbs for their effects. Putting a pinch of ground black pepper and then a pinch of salt in your shoes can help to protect you from harm, shielding you from curses that have been laid down where you walk. The first time I did this, I almost jumped when I put my shoes on, because I immediately felt this surge of power go through, as though some residual negative energy have been cast out from me. Of course, there are other powdered herbs. You should take a pink of powdered cinnamon and lay it down underneath your door mat, to bring wealth to your home, a good practice if you also have a home business. Laying powdered herbs down that relate to your intention in the 4 corners of your home or property is a good way to reinforce magic performed on that area to help establish protection, blessings, or good fortune in the home or property. You can also use powdered herbs in rituals, using them to lay down symbols that connect to the herbs powers, which are serve to further reinforce your intention and focus. The most recognized one would be a circle of protective herbs, perhaps mixed together, which then marks a boundary for a ring of candles that surround a single candle, used in a spell for protection. When the candles have all burned out, collect the powder again, and carry it with you for protection, or sprinkle it around your home or the place to be protected.

There is a multitude of ways of using herbs, and I hope I have laid out some less commented upon methods here to inspire your imagination when working with herbs in magic.

F is for Fascination

Fascination. Glamor. Enchantment. The art of making friends and influencing people or rather The Art of making friends and influencing people. One of the most common bases of magic practices, and well attested to in pop culture, but also in the accumulated knowledge of esoteric traditions around the world. While in a certain sense all magic is about influencing something or someone, it is the magic of Fascination that deals with that influence specifically and directly.

I specifically like the world Fascination. There is a certain ring to it that just tickles the forces within and around me. To fascinate another and make yourself into the sparkling, glittering being or object that cannot be resisted. To magically improve your charisma, wit, or subtle appearance that people are drawn to you, either with love, with trust, or loyalty, or any other emotion that draws people together into various bonds and commitments. That is the means of fascination.

How do you fascinate people? There are many ways. Some of the most mundane ways begin with simple things. Dress nicely. Smell nice. Stand up straight with good posture. Speak clearly. Make a point of remembering people’s names, even if you have to come up with some kind of sleight of mind trick to do it. Present yourself with grace, wit and ease, even when it would seem impossible in a certain situations. Fake it till you make it.
Some more complicated mundane tricks can also be used. Things like NLP aka Neuro Linguistic Programming. Social Proof. Books like The Game as well as the endless titles of books for women on how to catch men, that introduce various tactics and methods and even specialize with certain types of men. A lot of the sociology, psychology and just plain subtle manipulation that is taught in these books walks a very fine line of being nearly magical in the results that they produce.

The archives of magic are also filled with endless ways to enchant, glamor and fascinate people. The most simplest of ways relies upon personal effects. Bathing in dew collected on Midsummer morning collected from plants. Washing yourself in an herbal tea that is said to make you eloquent, or draw romantic partners to you, or even reunite you with a straying lover. Many a love oil can be used to fascinate people or persons, to find the desired partner, whether it’s for a lasting relationship or short fling.

Some more complex methods involve the manipulation of energy. Learning to project your personal energy by your eyes is probably the most obvious form of fascination, where literally your gaze charms and enchants the target(s) as you draw them to you. This would then be followed by surrounding them with your breath (hopefully pleasantly smelling) and then perhaps sealing it with a kiss or touch that is also a means to deliver further enchanting forces. Although, once you’re close, you could turn to more heavy handed techniques where you gain the personal effects of the target, from hair to bodily fluids, which are then used in spells to bring influence, love, or control and domination, depending upon what you are desires or needs are. If you cannot gain their personal effects, then you instead leave enchanted items for them to walk over, on, or through or under or consume, that will cast the spell upon them. From powders laid secretly down for the target(s) to walk through, to feeding them foods magic with magical herbs, perhaps with a bit of your own personal effects mixed in for extra measure. This breaks the separation between you, uniting you and your target together, and filling their being your essence.

More spiritual methods are also available. You could literally call on a wide range of spirits, from pagan Gods to spirit allies that you encounter, to help you influence people. You could also influence them spiritually by visiting the target(s) in dreams, and through the sleeping or subconscious mind plant what you desire into their being, to bring about the influences and results you desire.

One way that I find interesting I learned from the Crystal Silence League. It is known as developing the sexual force, another name for animal magnetism. By developing this force, which is inherent in all people, to a healthy and vital level, not only will it support your health and vitality, but it also attract desired or healthy partners for sex and romance to you, but also friendships, even working relationships. Because that animal magnetism goes beyond just sex and love, but into all aspects of life. To work with this sexual force, you need to find it’s source, a power that slumbers in the subtle body, located in the general area of your sex IE your genitals. Find that source and feed it with pleasure, with breathing exercises, with understanding your sexual nature and it’s healthy and natural expression that is personal to you. Use these things like throwing fuel onto a fire. Start small, with kindling, and when it begins to grow stronger, you can feed it more and more, until it becomes a might blaze that will then surge through your channels and centers of your body. Work with that energy. Listen to it intuitively. What does it tell you about yourself? How does it want to influence and attract people? What makes you feel like a precious jewel, that is desired by all? Who does it attract you to and who does it push you away from? Follow this intuitive push and see where it leads you.

The art of fascination can take many forms, some of which will work better for some people then others. Find which parts tick for you and work well. Enchantment is a subtle and demanding art, because if used to roughly and bluntly, people often will realize that they have been or are attempted to being manipulated, which often creates the opposite of the desired reaction. Remember that one of the major keys to Fascination is empathy. Know how to relate to people, if you really want to enchant them. It is also what turns you into a controlling robot, who is jerk, and into a sensitive human being, who knows how to relate to other human beings.

Fascination and the Aegishjalmur


The power of fascination or enchantment is one of the more commonly given powers associated with practitioners of magic.  Yet, it seems to be the least mentioned ability in many books dealing with magic.  The only sources that I have yet to find that deal with it are Agrippa (in his classic 3 books) Paul Huson in Mastering Witchcraft, and Jason Miller in the Sorcerer’s Secrets.  It is such a useful technique; it is surprising that so many people seem to ignore it.


For myself, I have found that the aegishjalmur, or the helm of awe (or terror), is a most useful symbol in working this kind of magic, both in a general way and in working with the specific application when interacting with a specific person.  I also combine the aegishjalmur with the ideas and techniques presented by the three authors above, so it makes it a pretty effective tool in my bag of tricks.


When you are first starting out, I highly recommend actual putting the aegishjalmur on your forehead.  A method described in the galdrabok indicates doing so with your own spit, so work up a good mouthful of saliva (you’ll need it) and using your left index finger, put the aegishjalmur on your forehead. It’s not going to be perfect, so don’t try to make it that way. When you are finished, press your index finger into the center of the symbol and say:


“The helm of awe is upon my brow. Let all strife be stemmed, let all wrath be run away, Let all people look upon me with favor, as the Lady looks upon the Lord with favor and may the world and land be gracious as friends.”


Channel some ond into the symbol and then continue on about your day.  You could also use an appropriate condition oil to put the symbol on your forehead, but I find that makes me break out, and having facial blemishes doesn’t really help one in social interaction.


This is the basic set-up for working with the aegishjalmur and using it for persuasion and influence. When it comes time to work on someone specifically, well, you should already have done this.  When you find yourself entering into a situation where you want the influence of the helm, start channeling ond into the figure on your forehead.  Feel it light up with energy, and start glowing, and that glow starts to wrap itself around you. As you continue to power it, you should also start to feel it acting upon the third eye and perhaps feel ond flow into the subtle channels of the eyes from there.  I find that with fascination, eye contact is important.  The ond that will radiate from the eyes will carry emotions and desires with it, and for it to “hit” it needs to meet the eyes of the desired target.  So, make eye contact.  Often times the eye contact will instantly get the attention of the target once it is made, because in this day and age it seems eye contact is something that many people avoid.  Depending upon how you want to influence the target, try and keep your face relaxed but  following the general intention, i.e., try a subtle smile (practice it) if you are trying to entice the person, and do a subtle frown or tighten your jaw a little if you’re trying to intimidate the target.

Once you have the target’s gaze (even if for a second) then continue to move forward.  Play a game of cat and mouse, where you are present, but just out of reach.  Talk to them briefly, but then indicate you need to go elsewhere (to friends, refresh your drink) to give them space, but then return after a few minutes.  If you find the opportunity presents itself, give them an acceptable and friendly touch.  The touch should also be charged with ond and your intention, whether it is a handshake or an “accidental” tap with the elbow against their elbow or arm.  Of course, if all is going well, they should be paying rapt attention to you, and find ignoring your difficult.  If your goal is to get into close contact/quarters with the target, once that occurs, start delivering ond with your breath, your gaze and your touch, all channeled through the helm of awe.

Runes of Love


Love spells! Everyone wants love spells. When it comes to doing magic, often time when clients come many a reader, sorcerer or spiritual worker, they are looking for love, either to get new love, re-gain love that has been lost, or move a current love into a new situation, such as marriage. Of course, part of the field of Love spells, also includes spells that promote harmony among people, from married couples to families and communities.
It often seems to me that Love magic is the ignored part of working with runes. Maybe a footnote here, or a value given there, but in many books dealing with runes and rune magic, Love is often overlooked, although that maybe the prior trend of the “unpopularity” of love magic with the Neo-pagan movement. However, it’s pretty clear from some surviving written lore, that spells that promote love and harmony were definitely part of the Northern Tradition. I would like to turn to the Havamal in this case, and the runes described by the speaker.

The first stanza that identifies a spell dealing with promoting love (or in this case harmony) is the stanza of the eigth rune:

An eighth I know: which all can sing
for their weal if they learn it well;
where hate shall wax ‘mid the warrior sons,
I can calm it soon with that song

Where the hate and conflict among kin can be soothed through singers magic skill. The second stanza identifying love magic is the sixteenth rune:

A sixteenth I know: when all sweetness and love
I would win from some artful wench,
her heart I turn, and the whole mind change
of that fair-armed lady I love.
And the seventeenth:
A seventeenth I know: so that e’en the shy maiden
is slow to shun my love.
Being the clearest examples of what is recognized as love magic. Of course the singer indicates his mastery in the this art, as he is able to win the love of not only other skillful women, but even young shy women who are often harder to obtain.
To this end, I looked to the runes, seeking and identifying which runes resonate with the powers of love, harmony, and relationships. With my research I identified nine runes, which can be worked, separately or together, in master the arts of love magic.

In the ordering of the futhorc aettirs, the first rune identified is Kenaz. Kenaz, the torch, is the fires of passion. They ignite the feeling inside, a flame that reveals the desires, but also burns. The burning passion leaves little peace, until they have been satiated.
The next rune is Gebo. In Gebo we see the exchange of relationships, partnerships, the agreements, the contracts, the idea of dowry, union of people and the rules that govern that union. Gebo is the most unromantic side of love magic, the side that comes after “and they all lived happily ever after” which people often want to forget. It is having the skills in this side that make relationships succeed or fail, and being able to manage the give and take successfully will often help in being successful in whatever partnership is entered into.
The third rune of love is Wunjo. Joy is it’s name, and joy can be a wonderful, if temporal thing. This is one of the first runes I identify with harmony among people, although in this case it is usually familial harmony. The conflicts between spouses, between parents and children, between siblings, can all create a very unharmonious and dissonant environment. Wunjo is the joy and peace of happy family, and a happy familial home. It’s dark side can be the grasping for this temporal thing. When everything is sacrified, just so that one can maintain the illusion that life is free from strife, the grasping for joy can become a toxic quest, and the peace is shallow, and soon shattered.
Interestingly enough, a whole aettir is skipped here. I studied this for a while, but part of my understanding of the second aettir, the aettir of Hagal, is that it is the runes of warrior, and conflict. While there are runes here that might be useful in influence and command (which has sometimes role in the world of love spells) they are not really concerned with love per se, but with having influence over other people, to any end.
The fourth rune is Berkana. In Berkana is the love of a mother for it’s child in sense. It is nurturing, supportive, and steady. It is also powerfully feminine, which can be somewhat hard to describe exactly how. It is the rune of Women, and express the powers of women, not just girly, but also Amazonian. The mysteries of Women who Love Women are found in this rune, which has it’s own draw, but it can also be used by women to draw whatever kind of love they desire, especially when combined with other runes, or to heal a womans sexual nature, if it has been damaged or cursed.
The fifth rune is Mannaz. In Maanaz, there is the coming together of equals, or rather the marriage of equals. While the rules of marriage belong to Gebo, means of relating to each other are found in Mannaz. This marriage of equals also governs friendship, the brother and sister-hood of humanity. This rune promotes the harmony of whole communities, but also individual people. This is love without lust, just a simple affection, which flows out from within. The idea that comes to me is that deep within each person, there is Love, and when this love is allowed to expressed freely, without expectation of return, or demands, is when people can get along innocently.

The sixth rune is Inguz. As Berkana is to feminity, Inguz is to masculinity. It is a great power, that lies dormant, until it is triggered and released, bring strength and setting change in motion. It can be aggressive and rough when needed, but mostly it is strong and solid. It is the rune of Men and in many ways directly relates to the phallus. It is not only the usual masculine stereotype, but also the gentle man, who can be strong, but sensitive. It also contains the mysteries of Men who Love Men, but it can be used by all men to attract Love, and also sex. It can also helping curing the damaged sexual nature of men, whatever their orientation.
The seventh rune is Ac, the mighty Oak tree. In the permanence and endurance of Ac is fidelity, the ability to stay the course and endure the trials of Love. While many love spells used to promote fidelity were the domain of women who livelihood often depended upon the fidelity of their husbands, who if they could get to stay at home night, at least to make sure they come home when they are done. Fidelity is also about staying together, “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.” Sometimes the stress of living can sow the seeds of discontent between partnered couples, and it may take the patience of the partners to rise above their own trials, and embrace their partner(s). In exchange, it also buries jealousy, as I was taught growing up that “jealousy is the grave of affection” and being able to stand fast by your partner, when perhaps they are succeeding, and your own efforts are impeded or faltering can be a difficult thing.
The eighth rune is Ior. Ior is the rune of boundaries and finding happiness within those boundaries. Sometimes, that happiness is found by transgressing what is perceived as binding us, but sometimes it is also recognizing that boundary helps us to nurture ourselves and find our own happiness, wherever it maybe. Happiness is an amorphous thing, and constantly changes. What feeds your happiness today, is not what fed your happiness yesterday, and may not sustain your happiness tomorrow. Being able to change, adapt, and move between environments, elements, or even worlds is a survival skill, that opens up opportunities to find new resources that can sustain you.

The ninth rune is Khalk. Khalk is the cup of desires, the loving cup which contains all that one can want. Contained within the wondrous draught is the fulfillment of our hearts content, yet the difficult part is getting the drink. It can show you what it is you really seek, from this person, from this relationship, from this moment, but it can also make you that which is sought. Glamor was the popular word used for such thing, the magical gilding which brings out the best in each person, showing them as the desired prize, yet keeping it just unattainable enough that they want it all the more. Khalk proves the desire is not about being the best looking, but having the confidence to show your worth.

Having worked with these runes in love magic over the past couple of weeks, I can tell you, yeah it works, quite well. My first experiment was working with each rune, to see how they would manifest. Over the course of nine days, combining the runes with other love-drawing methods (red candles, condition oils, and galdr) those nine days were some of the more interesting escapades in love that I have had.

The image with this post is a Love rune talism that I created when working with this, a simple disc with the runes inscribe in a circle around. The image in the middle is an aegishjalmur described in the Icelandic grimoire, that will get you the love of the person you desire.

A multi-use petition packet for reconciliation

I had a client who had recently broken up with his boyfriend. He was very distraught, as they had been living together for several years now, and he is very much in love with his partner. His partner however, was going through a rough time, after having lost his full time job, and had only found a part time job to help with bills, while also having to pause his pursuit of higher education because of the financial difficulty. To work for the client I created the following packet.

Items you will need
– red pen
– Piece of paper approximately 4×2 inches
– A hair from the client and the partner
– honey
– balm of gilead bud or reconciliation sachet powder
– reconciliation condition oil
– clear tape

Take the piece of paper, and write the name of the partner on the paper seven times. Turn the paper 90 degrees clockwise, and write the name of the client over the partner 7 times. Continuing to turn clockwise, in the four corners of the paper, draw a single red heart, as symbol for the love that is going to be encouraged between the couple. The end result should look something like this:


Dress the corners and hearts with reconciliation oil. In the center of the petition, put a dab of honey, and use it to stick the hairs of the couple onto the petition. On top of the hairs and honey, place a balm of gilead bud on it. Fold the paper over the bud, hairs and honey. Turn the paper 90 degrees clockwise, and fold it over again, and repeat it until you have a small folded packet, with one side smooth, and the other side where all the folded over ends will be present. On the smooth side, take the pen, and draw a heart on top. Then take the clear tape, and tape the packet up, so it can’t open or unfold. I recommend taping it down in a cross pattern. The end result should look something like this:


The packet can then be used in a number of ways. It can be taken by the client and carried by them, while they pray for their reunion with their estranged partner. It can be hidden under the clients bed that they shared with their partner. It can be placed behind a photo of the client and the partner in their home. It can be placed into a sweetener jar spell for the client. It can also be used as a petition in on going candle work for the client, with it being attached to the side of glass vigil candles, or placed in the hollow under metal candlesticks, while tapers are burned on top, until satisfaction is achieved by the client.

Prayers and Psalms

Lately, I have been working a lot with prayer and praying. One of the main ways that I have been working with is by reading psalms on a daily basis. I have been exploring Psalms that can be read for different purposes, such as money, love, and luck, but also psalms that can be read and prayed every day for blessings and spiritual guidance and favor.

The book that has been helping me with this is Secrets of the Psalms by Godfrey Selig. It describes practical spiritual workings with the psalms, as well as identifying which psalms that can be worked with from Jewish spiritual practices.

To help me with this, I made a list of Psalms grouped by the purpose identifed by Mr. Selig. I figured I would share this list with my blog

Psalm 1
Psalm 19
Psalm 101 – to aid in becoming pregnant
Psalm 102 – to aid in becoming pregnant
Psalm 126 – to protect children from being taken from you
Psalm 127 – protect newborns
Psalm 128 – protection of pregnant women

Calm a storm at sea

Psalm 2
Psalm 21
Psalm 64

for Luck

Psalm 4
Psalm 57
Psalm 61 – in the home
Psalm 62 – holy blessings
Psalm 65 – fortunate in all undertakings
Psalm 72 – favor and grace from all people
Psalm 86 – promotes the welfare of community
Psalm 87
Psalm 88
Psalm 92 – to gain high honors and ever-increasing good fortune
Psalm112 – increase in might and power

for courtcase

Psalm 5
Psalm 7
Psalm 20
Psalm 35
Psalm 38(with 39)
Psalm 39(with 38)
Psalm 93
Psalm 119 Lamed
Psalm 119 Tzaddi
Psalm 120

Prosper/Success in Business

Psalm 5 – prayed daily
Psalm 8
Psalm 82
Psalm 108
Psalm 114

For overcoming crossed conditions and enemies

Psalm 7
Psalm 41
Psalm 43
Psalm 48
Psalm 53
Psalm 54
Psalm 55
Psalm 63 – from business partners
Psalm 70
Psalm 74
Psalm 75 – forgiveness of sins
Psalm 79
Psalm 94
Psalm 100
Psalm 109
Psalm 110
Psalm 111
Psalm 113
Psalm 115 – for winning disputes with people
Psalm 118 – for silencing contrary people
Psalm 119 Zain – removal from evil situations without harm or loss

Aiding children

Psalm 9
Psalm 33

Overcome an evil spirit

Psalm 10
Psalm 19
Psalm 29
Psalm 40
Psalm 59
Psalm 66
Psalm 68
Psalm 90
Psalm 95 – for others who in need to cast off evil
Psalm 101 (with Psalm 68)
Psalm 104
Psalm 131 – overcome evil spirit of pride
Psalm 145

To overcome fear and stop persecution

Psalm 11 – prayed daily
Psalm 12
Psalm 28
Psalm 44
Psalm 141 – overcome heartfelt fears

Protection from injury and Death

Psalm 13
Psalm 18 – from robbery
Psalm 20
Psalm 24
Psalm 25
Psalm 26
Psalm 50
Psalm 58 – dog attacks
Psalm 60 – protects soldiers
Psalm 73 – protection while traveling in foreign country
Psalm 76 – from fire or water
Psalm 77 – want or danger
Psalm 83 – in war
Psalm 90 – wild animals
Psalm 91
Psalm 116 – protection from violent or sudden death
Psalm 119 Nun – protection while traveling
Psalm 120 – protection from poisonous animals
Psalm 121 – while traveling at night
Psalm 124 – journey by or over water
Psalm 125 – journey through country with many enemies
Psalm 130 – while conducting business in a dangerous or besieged city
Psalm 148 – protects from loss by fire
Psalm 149 – protects by loss from fire (prayed with 148)

Stopping slander/gossip

Psalm 14
Psalm 31
Psalm 36
Psalm 52

Against mental disturbance/depression/mental illness

Psalm 15
Psalm 56 – against desires to commit sin
Psalm 69 – overcome overwhelming physical desires
Psalm 80
Psalm 81
Psalm 117 – for having broken a vow or promise
Psalm 119 He – refrain from committing evil
Psalm 119 Zain – recovery from depression
Psalm 132 – to help in keeping vows and promises
Psalm 137 – root out even the deepest hate or malice

To find a thief

Psalm 16

Turn sorrow into joy

Psalm 16 – prayed daily
Psalm 96 – brings joy to family
Psalm 97 – brings joy to family
Psalm 98 – bring peace and unity between families

Protection from evil

Psalm 17
Psalm 22
Psalm 30
Psalm 91

Healing sick

Psalm 2 – headache
Psalm 3 – headache, backache
Psalm 6 – disease of the eye
Psalm 18
Psalm 49
Psalm 50
Psalm 67
Psalm 84 – foul odor
Psalm 89
Psalm 91
Psalm 105 – healing fever
Psalm 106 – healing fever
Psalm 107 – healing fever
Psalm 119 Aleph – healing a person whose limbs shake
Psalm 119 Gimel – healing the right eye
Psalm 119 Daleth – healing the left eye
Psalm 119 Cheth – relief from pain in the upper body
Psalm 119 Teth – relief from pain in hips or liver or kidneys
Psalm 119 Caph – healing of open sore or boil
Psalm 119 Mem – healing of pain/paralysis of right arm or hand
Psalm 119 Ain – healing and pain/paralysis of left arm or hand
Psalm 119 Pe – healing of boil or swelling on left side of face
Psalm 119 Koph – healing of left leg
Psalm 119 Resh – healing of injury in right ear
Psalm 119 Schin – headache
Psalm 119 Tau – healing of injury in the left ear
Psalm 142 – cures pain in thighs
Psalm 143 cures pain in arms
Psalm 144 – to speed recovery of broken arm
Psalm 146 – to recover from wounds from weapons
Psalm 147 – to recover from wounds from poisonous animals

Help in learning

Psalm 19
Psalm 119 beth
Psalm 134

Petitions to Authority

Psalm 21
Psalm 34
Psalm 78
Psalm 119 Samech
Psalm 122

Receive True Dreams

Psalm 23
Psalm 42

Release from Prison

Psalm 26
Psalm 68
Psalm 71
Psalm 89

Receive Hospitality

Psalm 27

Receive Love, grace, mercy

Psalm 32
Psalm 47
Psalm 51
Psalm 85 – reconcile with a friend
Psalm 111 – acquire friends
Psalm 119 Vau – make servants/employees easy, agreeable, and willing
Psalm 123 – return of servant or journeyman
Psalm 133 – keep and gain friends
Psalm 138 – produce love and friendship


Psalm 37

Peace between married couple

Psalm 45
Psalm 46
Psalm 139 – preserve and increase love among married people
Psalm 140 – remove enmity between married people

For Devotion/Pious

Psalm 99
Psalm 119 Jod
Psalm 129
Psalm135 – for sincere repentance and to become more closely united with God
Psalm 136 – for penitent confession
Psalm 150 – praise when petitions and prayers to God are answered

A Sugar jar to bring sweetness to a new marriage.

Recently, One of the members of my immediate family was married for the first time. She was having a very difficult time, as being newlyweds can be romantic and wonderful, it can also have its difficulties, as you are becoming familiar with a person in a new way. It was also be difficult on her husband, as he is a new immigrant, and was still processing the cultural shock of living in the US, and being far away from his friends and family for the first time in his life. Because of these and other factors, they were experiencing a difficult first couple of months.

To help them with this, I put together the following sugar jar, to bring sweetness and affection to their marriage and new lifestyle.

Here are the things you will need

a half pint mason jar and lid
granulated sugar (or other sweetener, I just prefer sugar)
a small piece of paper approximately 4 x 2 inches
a red pen
a bible or “Secrets of the Psalms”

The first thing you will do is make the petition paper. On the piece of paper, lightly draw a circle in the center of the paper with a pencil. In the center of the circle, right the name of one member of the married couple. Turn the paper 90 degrees to the right, and right the name of the other partner crossing over the first partner. The end result should look something like this:


Take the paper and fold it in half towards you three times, turning it clockwise as you do so.

Then take the paper and put it at the bottom of the mason jar. Fill the mason jar with sugar to the brim. Take your finger and wet it gently and say “As this sugar is sweet to me, so let there be sweetness between (x) and (y).” Stick the finger into the sugar, take it out, and lick the sugar that sticks off. Then seal the jar with the lid, screwing it into place tightly.


While holding the mason jar, pray aloud Psalm 139 and Psalm 140, with sincerity and fervency. Psalm 139 is said to preserve and increase love among married couples, while psalm 140 is said to remove enmity between a married couple.

If you keep a Love Altar, you can keep the jar there, with a quick prayer of praise and thankfulness to the powers of Love, or you can place the jar in a location where the married couple will pass by it on a regular basis, or (if you can) have the jar hidden in their home. Hiding the jar in the pot of a house plant as a gift is an excellent idea.

Love Magic vs. Controlling Magic

Recently it seems in some new literary acquisitions that there is this returning theme of condemning love magic, specifically love magic directed towards a specific person. The arguments about ethics and morality, and the metaphysics behind the differing authors’ statements were, while worded different, pretty much the same thing. It’s about “karma” (and I don’t mean Hindu cosmology, but rather the very popular notion that immorality gets punished by the universe) and controlling people, or rather “removing a person’s free will.”

A love spell is exactly that, a spell that conjures forth love. Much like the proverbial rabbit out of the hat however, it can only conjure up love that is present. If rabbits didn’t exist, there would be no rabbit. If that love is not there, then said person will not love you. Thus why love spells cannot make a person gay or straight. This is why witches don’t have the most popular or favorite celebrity on their arm. This is why sorcerers aren’t walking around dating super models. If love spells were as all powerful as the morality and karma crew seems to paint them, then this would be the case more often, which it is not. It’s much easier to paint some metaphysical schlep reason as to why they don’t work or not do them, then face the cold hard facts that a total stranger who you have at best only the most tenuous connection to, or a familiar acquaintance that you have shyly eyeing from a distance, might not being interested in a romantic, sexual, and/or lasting relationship with you. It’s called rejection, it’s something you need to deal with and get over it, because it happens. A love spell doesn’t remove free will; it doesn’t force someone’s actions where they become near mindless automatons, or emotional sycophants who go pining after someone uncontrollably. All of those images are fictional portrayals of spells, and it is much more to give the reader a thrill then it is an accurate depiction of what really happens in a person specific love spell

All of this is different from controlling magic or compel/command/dominate spells. These operate in various intensities, with the mildest being having an influence where the target or targets favor you, to getting someone to follow through with actions that they have sworn to, to outright commanding people or dominating them. While I can’t say that I have exact percentages, but most people can be influenced to one way or another, and slightly less then that can be compelled to follow through on their sworn actions, not everyone can be commanded or dominated. It just doesn’t always work. When a person is more susceptible to that, even then, it doesn’t work forever, (although it can operate for a long time, depending upon the situation). Humanity just does not take to being made a slave in anyway for an extended period of time. Eventually something inside us rebels against the bondage and restriction, and we fight for our liberty and freedom

I have not been in a position where I would want to dominate someone for that length of time, but I have heard many stories told by first hand witnesses where the domination spell used to make someone’s actions to enter into a relationship went fine, until after a few years, the person needed to do it again, because the target was resisting. Then, a year later, they started resisting again, and so the repeated the spell. Then, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, every month, and then week, after week, after week, then every few days, then every day. Eventually the person performing the spell gets sick. A cold, the flu, something and they can’t perform the spell for a day, two days, and a week. The person they were dominating shows signs of coming around more and more, and next thing, their relationship is over, a nasty break-up follows, and the person who cast the spell is spiritually and physically exhausted after all that has occurred. They use domination and controlling magic to force someone (who could be forced) into a relationship. It’s not a love spell, it’s a spell of control and they are completely different, although some of the curios used in them might be similar, often their methodologies of deployment, and the words used with them(i.e. incantations, prayers, spells, etc..) are completely different or different enough in language that it can be easily understood to be different.

Most “general love spells” are not actually a love spell at all, but rather a spell of control, aimed only at influencing people around you favorably, mainly to notice you and be attracted to you. Anything that comes from that is more of an example of ones one personal skill at persuasion and influence, through presentation, and social graces. It doesn’t really conjure up love, just attraction or favor, which is different from love

I have felt the influence of a general love spell once, and while I was fond of the person, I don’t think I was actually loved that person in any significant way. It was weird how, after I came across this person, I found my mind could not stop thinking about them, which is very unusual, and when they told me they had cast such a spell, I went about breaking its influence over me, which quickly ended the influence. She called it a “general love spell” but the feelings I felt were not love, just notice, a non-sexual attraction, and an almost obsessed focus on my friend until I broke the spell and ended the influence. It was from that experience that I later realized the difference between a love spell and a controlling spell.

The thing is with love spells and controlling spells is that they can work well together, when used with skill. Influence can be used to attract people to you, while the love spell can then be worked in follow up, if you really feel there is something there. That is when the controlling spell is put away, to see if the love manifests fully. If you keep the control spell going, then you might find yourself in a loveless situation, which can be equally unhappy for both parties.