A multi-use petition packet for reconciliation

I had a client who had recently broken up with his boyfriend. He was very distraught, as they had been living together for several years now, and he is very much in love with his partner. His partner however, was going through a rough time, after having lost his full time job, and had only found a part time job to help with bills, while also having to pause his pursuit of higher education because of the financial difficulty. To work for the client I created the following packet.

Items you will need
– red pen
– Piece of paper approximately 4×2 inches
– A hair from the client and the partner
– honey
– balm of gilead bud or reconciliation sachet powder
– reconciliation condition oil
– clear tape

Take the piece of paper, and write the name of the partner on the paper seven times. Turn the paper 90 degrees clockwise, and write the name of the client over the partner 7 times. Continuing to turn clockwise, in the four corners of the paper, draw a single red heart, as symbol for the love that is going to be encouraged between the couple. The end result should look something like this:


Dress the corners and hearts with reconciliation oil. In the center of the petition, put a dab of honey, and use it to stick the hairs of the couple onto the petition. On top of the hairs and honey, place a balm of gilead bud on it. Fold the paper over the bud, hairs and honey. Turn the paper 90 degrees clockwise, and fold it over again, and repeat it until you have a small folded packet, with one side smooth, and the other side where all the folded over ends will be present. On the smooth side, take the pen, and draw a heart on top. Then take the clear tape, and tape the packet up, so it can’t open or unfold. I recommend taping it down in a cross pattern. The end result should look something like this:


The packet can then be used in a number of ways. It can be taken by the client and carried by them, while they pray for their reunion with their estranged partner. It can be hidden under the clients bed that they shared with their partner. It can be placed behind a photo of the client and the partner in their home. It can be placed into a sweetener jar spell for the client. It can also be used as a petition in on going candle work for the client, with it being attached to the side of glass vigil candles, or placed in the hollow under metal candlesticks, while tapers are burned on top, until satisfaction is achieved by the client.

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