The wonders of Holy Oil

A question I have commonly encountered is “What can you use Holy (or Temple, Exodus, Bible, Altar Abramelin) Oil for?

Holy oil is one of many names given to the variations of the anointing oil recipe taken from the book of Exodus in the Bible. It’s original purpose was an anointing oil to be used in anointing things to be made holy, such as items in the Temple, the priests, and later the prophets and kings. For this reason many people have given different names to their variant recipes (all of which generally use olive oil, myrrh, cinnamon and calamus) from Bible Oil, Exodus Oil, Temple Oil, Altar Oil, and a medieval variation that is known as Abramelin Oil. The usefulness of Holy oil has grown much more then just being used to anoint items for the Temple, or priests. It can be applied to any number of purposes.

One way to understand how it has become so multipurpose is to expand your idea of what holy can imply. In making something or someone holy, it indicates that they have become consecrated, sacred and touched with some of the Divine, with the blessing, grace and goodness. This grace extends itself into the object or person. As many people consider, having a divine blessing can cause one’s life to improve, lifting yourself from bad situations, removing evil and misfortune from you, and helping you to attain to good and wonderful things that you desire. In some ways it sounds a lot like being lucky, as somebody who is lucky is able to lift themselves from bad situations, removes evil and misfortune from themselves, and is able to attain the good and wonderful things that they desire. In that sense, they can possibly interchangeable words. Using Holy oil is a way to make yourself fortunate and lucky by being filled with Divine Grace and blessings.

To work on yourself directly, you can add a several drops of holy oil directly to a bath. Bathe in the water and as you do, pray fervently, perhaps reciting the Lord’s Prayer or another prayer of your choice. When you finish, collect some of the bath water, and let the rest drain away. Let yourself dry, and anoint your body with Holy Oil. I recommend make a point of anointing the top of your head, throat, over your heart, wrists, back of the knees and the soles of the feet. Put on clean clothes, and take the collected water to tree outside and facing east pour out the water in the name of trinity, and turn around and walk away without looking back. When you return, spend time in some silent prayer, recite the Lord’s Prayer, or the 23rd Psalm, or the 91st psalm (he that dwelleth in the place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty) and go on about your day, filled with divine grace.

Holy oil is also very useful in cleansing your home and making it holy. You can add several drops of Holy oil to the floor wash, or if you have a carpeted home, to the wash used to clean the walls, windows and floorboards, or the personal spray to be used before or after vacuuming. Once you have cleansed your house, you can then use Holy oil to anoint candles to be burned, the windows, doorways, and other areas to fill your home with blessings and grace. As you anoint each thing, pray for your home to be blessed, for that particular area of your home to be blessed. For example “Lord, bless this kitchen, that the food will be abundant, and no one here shall go hungry, and that it is nutritious to help build happy, healthy and wholesome lives. Amen” or in the bedroom “Lord, bless this bedroom that all the sleep and rest here will be beneficial, the only good dreams will enter as people sleep, and that they will wake in the morning, rested, renewed and rejuvenated” or if the bedroom of a couple “Lord, bless this bedroom that it is filled with love and peace and goodness, that the couple will grow together in love and understanding, and that their mutual rest will be peaceful and loving, that their dreams help to increase each others love and affection, and they wake in the morning rested, renewed and rejuvenated.”

I have used Holy oil many times for healing, both of myself and of others. The simplest method I use is a white candle, dressed with holy oil, that is burned over a name paper of photo of the target of the healing. As the candle burns you can also pray for the person’s recovery. If you are someone who is a hands-on healer, you can anoint your body and hands with Holy oil before a healing session. The blessings it will give you will help strengthen you with grace as you heal, and it will also help to strengthen the client, helping the spiritual healing along by also filling them with divine grace. You can always anoint the client as well to help in the healing.

Holy oil is also of great use when working with Angels and Saints. If you petitions lots of saints or regular petitions many different angels, it can be a quite expensive or time consuming to have a different oil for each being. Using holy oil to anoint items meant for them, or in offerings by dressing candles is a great way to connect with the Saint’s or Angel’s assistance. I regularly use Holy oil with Archangel Gabriel and also with Saint Cyprian and I find the results with that work to be quite good.

I have also used Holy oil with Love drawing and Money drawing work. With love drawing I have often used it to dress White, Pink and Red candles. I find that the love that it draws is always for the best for me. When using it with White candles, it brings in new lovers and friends who are kind, affectionate and appreciative. When using it with Pink candles, the people that it draws are sometimes friends who have had a falling out with, in which we come together, apologize or make amends, and then reunite again, or lovers with whom a deeply emotional and intellectual bond is made, where we can talk for hours and just enjoy each others company in all of it’s forms. With red candles, it’s well, lets just say it gives that would be the meaning behind sacred sexuality.

With money drawing I find that anointing yourself with holy oil is the best way to use it. For myself the resulting appearance of wealth comes in two ways. The first way is that a source of money becomes available that meets of exceeds your needs. Be careful not to spend it frivolously though, as it may also be a prediction of more expenses that will arise that are unforeseen. The other method it manifests is by allowing me to hold onto my money, by causing friends and family to become more generous. They offer up to take me out on the weekends when I need to save my pennies, or they bring me groceries when my cupboard is bare, or need a ride and offer to fill my gas tank for a relatively short trip, which helps me get through the whole following week without having to spend a penny on those regular expenses.

Holy oil also serves as a great oil for protection. It can protect in both a defensive and an offensive way. For defensive protection, anoint your body with Holy oil, and dress a white candle with holy oil. You might also take a piece of jewelry like a ring or necklace. If that item also has religions symbolism on it, even better. Anoint the jewelry with holy oil and pray the 91st psalm over it. Place the jewelry at the base of the candle, or candle holder, Light the candle and pray the 91st psalm again. If it is a long burning candle, sit in silent prayer for 15 minutes, and then get up and go about your home until the candle burns down. The jewelry is now ready to serve as protective talisman to protect you whenever you wear it. You can also do this ritual without the jewelry, or substituting another item, like a prayer card, or a simple mojo bag, or if it for someone else, the name paper and/or image of the person needing protection.

This protection can also be offensive. In this case you might want to use a black or red candle, representing the might or wrath of Divine Power. You can still anoint yourself, in order to help Divine Power to fill you in order to resit your enemies and turn aside their weapons and send them packing. Dress the candle as well, and using an image or name paper of the enemies, or a personal item, burn the candle over it, while reciting prayers about overcoming evil and driving away enemies. There are a category of Psalms known as imprecatory Psalms which can serve very well for this purpose. Keep in mind that this is very justified work, whether it is reversing or vengeance for wrong doing, and you are basically praying for the Divine to smite the offender. This result can take many forms, but if the request is not justified, it will go unanswered, although it is possible a different resolution will come about instead.

Of course, Holy Oil can be combined with any number of other oils, adding that potency of divine grace to any works, along side money drawing oils, love drawing, protection, blessings, cleansing, uncrossing, protection. It also serves as a great oil for anointing all kinds of talismans, but lends itself particularly well for Talismans from based on Medieval and ancient christian magic and mysticism, like the talismans using Solomonic seals, or the seals in the 6th and 7th books of Moses, or seals from ancient Coptic Christianity. One name for a variant of Holy Oil is Abramelin oil, which comes directly from medieval christian magical traditions of working with angels and the name Jewish names of God.

I hope I have enlightened on the many uses and applications for Holy oil and the wonders that Holy Oil can work.

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