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A Benediction

Hail to the Holy and Mighty Ones!

Hail to the Shining Ones who illuminate the world!

Hail to the Goodly spirits who bring peace, joy and benevolence!

I thank you for the blessings you have brought into my life

for the family and friends from past, present and yet to come

for the wealth and prosperity that already possessed and knowing only it’s increase

for the health and well being to live my life with grace and ease

for the love I have received and for the love that I have been able to give

for the wisdom to conduct my life with knowledge and compassion

for the power that I have been entrusted for my own good, and the good of others

For all these blessings, my gratitude over flows,

As you have blessed me, let me bless you in return.

Blessed Be!

Five elements in five days

Getting a bit of inspiration from the blog Head for the Red, I decided to do my own experiment, although instead of planetary powers, I went about invoking the elemental powers. For the past 5 days I invoked each one of the elements, one element a day, making an offering, and seeking the blessings of the elemental powers to manifest in my life.

I have worked with the elements before in a quite a few ways, even seeking out my own element spirit allies to aid and guide me. But it felt like an interesting experiment and experience to help further develop those connections.

Part of the process was the selection of which day I would evoke which element. The structure I decided upon is based upon Agrippa’s correspondence of planets and elements. Moon – Earth, Mars – Fire, Mercury – Water, Jupiter – Air, and for the element of Aether(Spiritus, Azoth etc…) I devoted that to Friday, seeing in the power of Love as manifested in Venus, the higher powers that Love entails, to unite and bring into harmony. This created an interesting dynamic, as I switched between elements, not following the common patterns of Fire, Air, Water, Earth or Air, Fire, Water, Earth. I also started the week with evoking Earth, which I think is an excellent idea as the foundation element to build upon, but also that Earth can receive the influences of the other elements, not only to manifest them but also to bring them structure. Ending with Aether I saw as bringing harmony to the combined elements.

I evoked each element in the first hour of each day, using offerings and substances that are connected directly to the elements in question, and free evoking the spirits of the elements as I felt moved.

For the powers of Earth, I dressed a brown candle with an Earth oil of my own creation, brought out small bowl of blessed salt, and presented a shot glass of whiskey, which at the end of the day, was poured out onto the soil, to complete the offering to the spirits of Earth. What was interesting for me is that, while I felt the presence of the spirits of Earth, it was only after the whiskey was poured onto the ground did there seem to be a sudden rush of activity within the earthly sphere.

The next morning was the evoking the spirits of fire. A red candle dressed with my Fire oil, another candle (a large tea light) also dressed with my Fire oil, and a small metal bowl that had a tablespoon of sugar and some highly flammable Hoyt’s cologne in it, which was ignited, and then I began the invocation. The flames leapt quite high, and the sugar began to melt and caramelize just a little bit. When the alcohol flames died, it became the rising fumes of Hoyt’s cologne filling the air, a scent I find quite pleasant, mixed with the scent of caramelized sugar. The day was filled with a great increase of romantic pursuit, as the passions of others around me seem to become raised.

The invocation of water was the most peaceful. A bowl of fresh water, a bowl of sea water, and a bowl of holy water laid out into a triangle, with a hard plastic icosahedron charged with elemental water placed into the holy water. While for myself a deep calm settled in, later that day, as the sun set, the densest fog cloud I have ever experienced in my city settled into the area, obscuring all vision past 200 feet, and coating everything with a fine mist. It was also the return of cooler and wetter autumn weather for Southern California, as the past two days had been dry, with Tuesday being the warmest. The water of the bowls was disposed of into the ocean after the sun had set, which was a journey into the densest part of the fog. I had only the sound of the lapping of waves to tell me that I was past the shore, as I could not see down below the pier from the thick fog.

The invocation of Air involved a yellow candle dressed with Air oil, a stick of sandalwood incense, and a small glass bowl with a tablespoon of ouzo placed into it, which was set onto a heating pad to become warm enough to steam up and evaporate away without boiling it, as the ouzo released it’s fragrance into the air as it steamed. A clearing of the mind followed, as well as strong breezes which brought in light rain showers until Friday morning.

Friday morning was very overcast and cool as I set up the offering to the spirits of Aether, five tea lights set in heavy glass tea light holders colored clear, violet, red, green and blue, and a white candle dressed with my light oil. The idea being that it was a great offering of light. As I evoked the spirits of Aether, and offered them the light, the clouds parted and the rising sun filled my room from the east facing portrait window, filling the space with more light. As a feeling of clarity and energy filled me, the idea struck me that just as all the other elements have spirits that command them, so Aether must as well. I asked for a guide and ally of Aether, to aid me and assist me, and the impression arose of an anthropomorphic being made white light, whose features were defined with violet, and a sex that changed from moment to moment, and yet always feeling androgynous became apparent to my senses. From this being I received a name, the blessings of Aether, and a sigil that I can use to commune and gain aid and guidance from. For my own reasons I don’t share them here (although I might in the future).

The whole week was really an experience, which I recommend for many people to try and experiment with on their own.