A Benediction

Hail to the Holy and Mighty Ones!

Hail to the Shining Ones who illuminate the world!

Hail to the Goodly spirits who bring peace, joy and benevolence!

I thank you for the blessings you have brought into my life

for the family and friends from past, present and yet to come

for the wealth and prosperity that already possessed and knowing only it’s increase

for the health and well being to live my life with grace and ease

for the love I have received and for the love that I have been able to give

for the wisdom to conduct my life with knowledge and compassion

for the power that I have been entrusted for my own good, and the good of others

For all these blessings, my gratitude over flows,

As you have blessed me, let me bless you in return.

Blessed Be!

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