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The Second Pentacle of Mars

2nd Pentacle of Mars

The Second Pentacle of Mars – This Pentacle serveth with great success against all kinds of diseases, it it be applied unto the afflicted part.

For healing and health.

Made during Mars in Rulership in Scorpio, further dignified face. A favorable election.

For sale $25

Prayers and Psalms

Lately, I have been working a lot with prayer and praying. One of the main ways that I have been working with is by reading psalms on a daily basis. I have been exploring Psalms that can be read for different purposes, such as money, love, and luck, but also psalms that can be read and prayed every day for blessings and spiritual guidance and favor.

The book that has been helping me with this is Secrets of the Psalms by Godfrey Selig. It describes practical spiritual workings with the psalms, as well as identifying which psalms that can be worked with from Jewish spiritual practices.

To help me with this, I made a list of Psalms grouped by the purpose identifed by Mr. Selig. I figured I would share this list with my blog

Psalm 1
Psalm 19
Psalm 101 – to aid in becoming pregnant
Psalm 102 – to aid in becoming pregnant
Psalm 126 – to protect children from being taken from you
Psalm 127 – protect newborns
Psalm 128 – protection of pregnant women

Calm a storm at sea

Psalm 2
Psalm 21
Psalm 64

for Luck

Psalm 4
Psalm 57
Psalm 61 – in the home
Psalm 62 – holy blessings
Psalm 65 – fortunate in all undertakings
Psalm 72 – favor and grace from all people
Psalm 86 – promotes the welfare of community
Psalm 87
Psalm 88
Psalm 92 – to gain high honors and ever-increasing good fortune
Psalm112 – increase in might and power

for courtcase

Psalm 5
Psalm 7
Psalm 20
Psalm 35
Psalm 38(with 39)
Psalm 39(with 38)
Psalm 93
Psalm 119 Lamed
Psalm 119 Tzaddi
Psalm 120

Prosper/Success in Business

Psalm 5 – prayed daily
Psalm 8
Psalm 82
Psalm 108
Psalm 114

For overcoming crossed conditions and enemies

Psalm 7
Psalm 41
Psalm 43
Psalm 48
Psalm 53
Psalm 54
Psalm 55
Psalm 63 – from business partners
Psalm 70
Psalm 74
Psalm 75 – forgiveness of sins
Psalm 79
Psalm 94
Psalm 100
Psalm 109
Psalm 110
Psalm 111
Psalm 113
Psalm 115 – for winning disputes with people
Psalm 118 – for silencing contrary people
Psalm 119 Zain – removal from evil situations without harm or loss

Aiding children

Psalm 9
Psalm 33

Overcome an evil spirit

Psalm 10
Psalm 19
Psalm 29
Psalm 40
Psalm 59
Psalm 66
Psalm 68
Psalm 90
Psalm 95 – for others who in need to cast off evil
Psalm 101 (with Psalm 68)
Psalm 104
Psalm 131 – overcome evil spirit of pride
Psalm 145

To overcome fear and stop persecution

Psalm 11 – prayed daily
Psalm 12
Psalm 28
Psalm 44
Psalm 141 – overcome heartfelt fears

Protection from injury and Death

Psalm 13
Psalm 18 – from robbery
Psalm 20
Psalm 24
Psalm 25
Psalm 26
Psalm 50
Psalm 58 – dog attacks
Psalm 60 – protects soldiers
Psalm 73 – protection while traveling in foreign country
Psalm 76 – from fire or water
Psalm 77 – want or danger
Psalm 83 – in war
Psalm 90 – wild animals
Psalm 91
Psalm 116 – protection from violent or sudden death
Psalm 119 Nun – protection while traveling
Psalm 120 – protection from poisonous animals
Psalm 121 – while traveling at night
Psalm 124 – journey by or over water
Psalm 125 – journey through country with many enemies
Psalm 130 – while conducting business in a dangerous or besieged city
Psalm 148 – protects from loss by fire
Psalm 149 – protects by loss from fire (prayed with 148)

Stopping slander/gossip

Psalm 14
Psalm 31
Psalm 36
Psalm 52

Against mental disturbance/depression/mental illness

Psalm 15
Psalm 56 – against desires to commit sin
Psalm 69 – overcome overwhelming physical desires
Psalm 80
Psalm 81
Psalm 117 – for having broken a vow or promise
Psalm 119 He – refrain from committing evil
Psalm 119 Zain – recovery from depression
Psalm 132 – to help in keeping vows and promises
Psalm 137 – root out even the deepest hate or malice

To find a thief

Psalm 16

Turn sorrow into joy

Psalm 16 – prayed daily
Psalm 96 – brings joy to family
Psalm 97 – brings joy to family
Psalm 98 – bring peace and unity between families

Protection from evil

Psalm 17
Psalm 22
Psalm 30
Psalm 91

Healing sick

Psalm 2 – headache
Psalm 3 – headache, backache
Psalm 6 – disease of the eye
Psalm 18
Psalm 49
Psalm 50
Psalm 67
Psalm 84 – foul odor
Psalm 89
Psalm 91
Psalm 105 – healing fever
Psalm 106 – healing fever
Psalm 107 – healing fever
Psalm 119 Aleph – healing a person whose limbs shake
Psalm 119 Gimel – healing the right eye
Psalm 119 Daleth – healing the left eye
Psalm 119 Cheth – relief from pain in the upper body
Psalm 119 Teth – relief from pain in hips or liver or kidneys
Psalm 119 Caph – healing of open sore or boil
Psalm 119 Mem – healing of pain/paralysis of right arm or hand
Psalm 119 Ain – healing and pain/paralysis of left arm or hand
Psalm 119 Pe – healing of boil or swelling on left side of face
Psalm 119 Koph – healing of left leg
Psalm 119 Resh – healing of injury in right ear
Psalm 119 Schin – headache
Psalm 119 Tau – healing of injury in the left ear
Psalm 142 – cures pain in thighs
Psalm 143 cures pain in arms
Psalm 144 – to speed recovery of broken arm
Psalm 146 – to recover from wounds from weapons
Psalm 147 – to recover from wounds from poisonous animals

Help in learning

Psalm 19
Psalm 119 beth
Psalm 134

Petitions to Authority

Psalm 21
Psalm 34
Psalm 78
Psalm 119 Samech
Psalm 122

Receive True Dreams

Psalm 23
Psalm 42

Release from Prison

Psalm 26
Psalm 68
Psalm 71
Psalm 89

Receive Hospitality

Psalm 27

Receive Love, grace, mercy

Psalm 32
Psalm 47
Psalm 51
Psalm 85 – reconcile with a friend
Psalm 111 – acquire friends
Psalm 119 Vau – make servants/employees easy, agreeable, and willing
Psalm 123 – return of servant or journeyman
Psalm 133 – keep and gain friends
Psalm 138 – produce love and friendship


Psalm 37

Peace between married couple

Psalm 45
Psalm 46
Psalm 139 – preserve and increase love among married people
Psalm 140 – remove enmity between married people

For Devotion/Pious

Psalm 99
Psalm 119 Jod
Psalm 129
Psalm135 – for sincere repentance and to become more closely united with God
Psalm 136 – for penitent confession
Psalm 150 – praise when petitions and prayers to God are answered

Magic for Health

Many times, the problems we experience are related to our health, and as many can attest, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

Everyone experiences the occasional ache and pain, or perhaps you are going through a cold or minor flu. There is also stress in our lifes, which can weaken our bodies natural defenses, or when allergies just rise from a sudden exposure or a change local climate conditions.

In all of these things, one of the first steps when dealing with health, is being aware of what your healthy state is. If you have a doctor, having a check up, get an idea of what your regular state of health is, and keep that in mind. That way, when that state starts to decline, you can recognize the symptoms early on, instead of feeling caught off guard when something happens. The doctor can also make recommendations for physical methods that can help you feel better or improve your health in specific or general ways. You should always visit your healthcare professional with questions, so studying up on things that you may be interested in, is also always helpful.

Another great starting point for health, is to take up a meditation practice. Now, I am suggesting that you go out and join a transcendental meditation group, or get a guru, or anthing of the sort. Any practice where you can give your mind a 5 second break, relax, and just sort of empty of itself of all the stresses, tensions, worries for a few minutes every day is all you need. While meditation is the popular word for it, some other names are silent prayer, contemplation, or centering prayer. There is a multitude of techniques, and all of them can produce similar results, you just need to find the one that works best for you. One that I am fond of, is taking the time each day, usually during the morning before you leave for work, and reading or reciting prayers or psalms. Giving yourself 5 minutes each morning to just pray and focus your being on God, while offering up your cares and worries, and allowing his grace to enter into your life. There are many prayers out there, and a quite a few psalms, so just pick one, and try it and keep trying until you find one, or several, that you like.

When a specific health problem arises, my favorite means of helping to bring healing and resolution is a very simple candle burning spell. Taking a white candle, cleansing it with some salt dissolved in clean water, and dress the candle with a blessing oil, holy oil, or healing oil. Even a common kitchen oil, like olive or vegetable oil that you have prayed over will do. Taking a pin or needle, write your petition on the candle. For example, if you strained your ankle you would write “heal my ankle.”. Write it three times into the candle. Dress the candle with the oil, repeating your petition as you do so. Once the candle is dressed, put it into a candle holder. Light the candle, and pray silently for a minute, and repeat your petition again, and then go about the rest of your day. You might rest, take some other physical actions to help in easing discomfort and bring about healing. This simple spell can be repeated as often as desired until satisfaction is achieved. A way to make the spell more focused, especially if you are dealing with a specific malady, is to use some thing that has some of your essence in it. If a cold or flu, use a used tissue underneath the candle. One time, I used this with some blood and saliva soaked cotton from getting a filling, which helped my mouth heal quickly, and I have no had any problems related to my teeth since that time.

One herb that I have found useful in all kinds of healing, is a very popular and well known herb. High John the Conqueror. For healing? What? You don’t say? I do. Many times, when I have used High John when dealing with a physical problems, especially related to muscles or joints, High John seems to be a great aid in facilitating the healing process. It doesn’t seem to be a normal association, but I see it as coming from the strength and power that High John confers. In giving strength and power to your body, it helps make you strong, physically and spiritually. Combined with Sampson Root and Angelica, it gives a boost to ones body, health and well being that really works wonders. I often use them in a condition oil, and rub a dab of the oil on the sore muscle or damaged joint, or dab small amounts on my whole body, including the soles of my feet and the crown of my head, if I am seeking to increase or strengthen my health, especially during those times of the year when people feel that it is “cold season.”

Another practice is taking a cleansing bath, maybe once a week or once a month. Like the simple one I described earlier, the cleansing bath can remove the spiritual detritus we pick up and carry with us from wherever we go. Also, if you can soak in a bath tub, it’s a great time to pray and meditate, silently or vocally and allow yourself another chance to relax.