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Attention “trad craft”

You’re “trad” isn’t any older then Wicca. “Trad Craft” is not ancient. It is as much an invention of the early 20th century as Gardnerian Wicca.
Only the Golden Dawn, and the OTO and related traditions are relatively new, although, they are older then Gardnerian and “Trad Craft” having started in the late 19th century.
The Grimoires, the 3 books of Occult Philosophy by Cornelius Agrippa, The books of Astrological magic and thought written by various authors, the Picatrix, and other classics of Hermetic Philosophy, are older then “Trad Craft” The PGM is older then “Trad Craft.” The roots of Hermeticism in Mediterranean Antiquity are older then “Trad Craft.” The Vedas, various Sutras, Mahabharata is older then “Trad Craft.” The Chaldean Oracles are older the “Trad Craft.” Actual Folk Magic of actual specific cultures from around Europe, and in the United States is older then “Trad Craft” and some of them are living traditions that are practiced to this day.

But, None of this matters, In my day to day life, and interactions with spiritual workers of all types, I rarely if ever need to mention it, because I don’t need the the claims of “antiquity” or “Tradition” or “Old” to feel good about my spiritual practice. I’m fine with it being modern, because it works for me. But I also like to be informed about whatever everyone else is doing, has done, and is thinking about doing, because it keeps me from thinking I’ve invented the wheel, when everyone around me is already driving cars.

Stop thinking you’ve invented the wheel “trad craft.” We’re all driving in cars, while you’re excited that you can roll something along.

Where the Hel have you been?

Ok ok, I get it. I haven’t posted in a while. At first I was severely lacking for inspiration, then I was sick, and now I am just being lazy and creatively blocked since I just don’t know where to begin. I have been posting occasionally over at Hoodoo Crossroads, on topics related to the practice and application of Conjure, but things here have been, well, quiet. This heat wave hitting the Greater Los Angeles area just isn’t helping right now either, as it makes it too hot for me to think, or at least I feel that way.
Then there is also the work side of it. Having something to write about, because I am doing something, and I have been, it is just the process of coming to a better understanding to where I can express it clearly in words. No, it’s not a deep mystical experience but, as with all kinds of spiritual work, walking it and talking it isn’t always easy.

Lack of Posts

I am sorry if you have been wondering where my regular posts have gone. I have been dealing with some health issues, which had made it difficult to focus on keeping up with my blog. Also with the holidays in the USA upon us, it just serves as a further distraction. I seek to resume with new posts tomorrow.