Where the Hel have you been?

Ok ok, I get it. I haven’t posted in a while. At first I was severely lacking for inspiration, then I was sick, and now I am just being lazy and creatively blocked since I just don’t know where to begin. I have been posting occasionally over at Hoodoo Crossroads, on topics related to the practice and application of Conjure, but things here have been, well, quiet. This heat wave hitting the Greater Los Angeles area just isn’t helping right now either, as it makes it too hot for me to think, or at least I feel that way.
Then there is also the work side of it. Having something to write about, because I am doing something, and I have been, it is just the process of coming to a better understanding to where I can express it clearly in words. No, it’s not a deep mystical experience but, as with all kinds of spiritual work, walking it and talking it isn’t always easy.

1 thought on “Where the Hel have you been?

  1. Scott K

    For posterity, I see this type of unfocused, focused elsewhere with a lot of crafty folks. I feel like we're spiders gathering, building, biding, for a new web. 🙂

    I'm also following you on the x-roads. Good stuff. Dropped a plug. Let's get together and collaborate something maybe, or at least bounce ideas. Say, what's the deal with the meet up stuff? Any good?


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