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F is for Fascination

Fascination. Glamor. Enchantment. The art of making friends and influencing people or rather The Art of making friends and influencing people. One of the most common bases of magic practices, and well attested to in pop culture, but also in the accumulated knowledge of esoteric traditions around the world. While in a certain sense all magic is about influencing something or someone, it is the magic of Fascination that deals with that influence specifically and directly.

I specifically like the world Fascination. There is a certain ring to it that just tickles the forces within and around me. To fascinate another and make yourself into the sparkling, glittering being or object that cannot be resisted. To magically improve your charisma, wit, or subtle appearance that people are drawn to you, either with love, with trust, or loyalty, or any other emotion that draws people together into various bonds and commitments. That is the means of fascination.

How do you fascinate people? There are many ways. Some of the most mundane ways begin with simple things. Dress nicely. Smell nice. Stand up straight with good posture. Speak clearly. Make a point of remembering people’s names, even if you have to come up with some kind of sleight of mind trick to do it. Present yourself with grace, wit and ease, even when it would seem impossible in a certain situations. Fake it till you make it.
Some more complicated mundane tricks can also be used. Things like NLP aka Neuro Linguistic Programming. Social Proof. Books like The Game as well as the endless titles of books for women on how to catch men, that introduce various tactics and methods and even specialize with certain types of men. A lot of the sociology, psychology and just plain subtle manipulation that is taught in these books walks a very fine line of being nearly magical in the results that they produce.

The archives of magic are also filled with endless ways to enchant, glamor and fascinate people. The most simplest of ways relies upon personal effects. Bathing in dew collected on Midsummer morning collected from plants. Washing yourself in an herbal tea that is said to make you eloquent, or draw romantic partners to you, or even reunite you with a straying lover. Many a love oil can be used to fascinate people or persons, to find the desired partner, whether it’s for a lasting relationship or short fling.

Some more complex methods involve the manipulation of energy. Learning to project your personal energy by your eyes is probably the most obvious form of fascination, where literally your gaze charms and enchants the target(s) as you draw them to you. This would then be followed by surrounding them with your breath (hopefully pleasantly smelling) and then perhaps sealing it with a kiss or touch that is also a means to deliver further enchanting forces. Although, once you’re close, you could turn to more heavy handed techniques where you gain the personal effects of the target, from hair to bodily fluids, which are then used in spells to bring influence, love, or control and domination, depending upon what you are desires or needs are. If you cannot gain their personal effects, then you instead leave enchanted items for them to walk over, on, or through or under or consume, that will cast the spell upon them. From powders laid secretly down for the target(s) to walk through, to feeding them foods magic with magical herbs, perhaps with a bit of your own personal effects mixed in for extra measure. This breaks the separation between you, uniting you and your target together, and filling their being your essence.

More spiritual methods are also available. You could literally call on a wide range of spirits, from pagan Gods to spirit allies that you encounter, to help you influence people. You could also influence them spiritually by visiting the target(s) in dreams, and through the sleeping or subconscious mind plant what you desire into their being, to bring about the influences and results you desire.

One way that I find interesting I learned from the Crystal Silence League. It is known as developing the sexual force, another name for animal magnetism. By developing this force, which is inherent in all people, to a healthy and vital level, not only will it support your health and vitality, but it also attract desired or healthy partners for sex and romance to you, but also friendships, even working relationships. Because that animal magnetism goes beyond just sex and love, but into all aspects of life. To work with this sexual force, you need to find it’s source, a power that slumbers in the subtle body, located in the general area of your sex IE your genitals. Find that source and feed it with pleasure, with breathing exercises, with understanding your sexual nature and it’s healthy and natural expression that is personal to you. Use these things like throwing fuel onto a fire. Start small, with kindling, and when it begins to grow stronger, you can feed it more and more, until it becomes a might blaze that will then surge through your channels and centers of your body. Work with that energy. Listen to it intuitively. What does it tell you about yourself? How does it want to influence and attract people? What makes you feel like a precious jewel, that is desired by all? Who does it attract you to and who does it push you away from? Follow this intuitive push and see where it leads you.

The art of fascination can take many forms, some of which will work better for some people then others. Find which parts tick for you and work well. Enchantment is a subtle and demanding art, because if used to roughly and bluntly, people often will realize that they have been or are attempted to being manipulated, which often creates the opposite of the desired reaction. Remember that one of the major keys to Fascination is empathy. Know how to relate to people, if you really want to enchant them. It is also what turns you into a controlling robot, who is jerk, and into a sensitive human being, who knows how to relate to other human beings.

Fascination and the Aegishjalmur


The power of fascination or enchantment is one of the more commonly given powers associated with practitioners of magic.  Yet, it seems to be the least mentioned ability in many books dealing with magic.  The only sources that I have yet to find that deal with it are Agrippa (in his classic 3 books) Paul Huson in Mastering Witchcraft, and Jason Miller in the Sorcerer’s Secrets.  It is such a useful technique; it is surprising that so many people seem to ignore it.


For myself, I have found that the aegishjalmur, or the helm of awe (or terror), is a most useful symbol in working this kind of magic, both in a general way and in working with the specific application when interacting with a specific person.  I also combine the aegishjalmur with the ideas and techniques presented by the three authors above, so it makes it a pretty effective tool in my bag of tricks.


When you are first starting out, I highly recommend actual putting the aegishjalmur on your forehead.  A method described in the galdrabok indicates doing so with your own spit, so work up a good mouthful of saliva (you’ll need it) and using your left index finger, put the aegishjalmur on your forehead. It’s not going to be perfect, so don’t try to make it that way. When you are finished, press your index finger into the center of the symbol and say:


“The helm of awe is upon my brow. Let all strife be stemmed, let all wrath be run away, Let all people look upon me with favor, as the Lady looks upon the Lord with favor and may the world and land be gracious as friends.”


Channel some ond into the symbol and then continue on about your day.  You could also use an appropriate condition oil to put the symbol on your forehead, but I find that makes me break out, and having facial blemishes doesn’t really help one in social interaction.


This is the basic set-up for working with the aegishjalmur and using it for persuasion and influence. When it comes time to work on someone specifically, well, you should already have done this.  When you find yourself entering into a situation where you want the influence of the helm, start channeling ond into the figure on your forehead.  Feel it light up with energy, and start glowing, and that glow starts to wrap itself around you. As you continue to power it, you should also start to feel it acting upon the third eye and perhaps feel ond flow into the subtle channels of the eyes from there.  I find that with fascination, eye contact is important.  The ond that will radiate from the eyes will carry emotions and desires with it, and for it to “hit” it needs to meet the eyes of the desired target.  So, make eye contact.  Often times the eye contact will instantly get the attention of the target once it is made, because in this day and age it seems eye contact is something that many people avoid.  Depending upon how you want to influence the target, try and keep your face relaxed but  following the general intention, i.e., try a subtle smile (practice it) if you are trying to entice the person, and do a subtle frown or tighten your jaw a little if you’re trying to intimidate the target.

Once you have the target’s gaze (even if for a second) then continue to move forward.  Play a game of cat and mouse, where you are present, but just out of reach.  Talk to them briefly, but then indicate you need to go elsewhere (to friends, refresh your drink) to give them space, but then return after a few minutes.  If you find the opportunity presents itself, give them an acceptable and friendly touch.  The touch should also be charged with ond and your intention, whether it is a handshake or an “accidental” tap with the elbow against their elbow or arm.  Of course, if all is going well, they should be paying rapt attention to you, and find ignoring your difficult.  If your goal is to get into close contact/quarters with the target, once that occurs, start delivering ond with your breath, your gaze and your touch, all channeled through the helm of awe.

Influence, Compel, Bend Over

Many times I have seen people ponder “What is the difference between all these controlling and compelling oils?” I have decided to put together a handy little guide to help you understand the differences. The first oils that I am going to look at are often named Influence, Compel and Bend-over.

Influence’s name is pretty straight forward. It helps you to influence people. How that influence comes about about can take many forms, but often the form is subtle and gentle. It is often the go to oil if you want to win someone to your side but without throwing down and really forcing them to it, but rather it just seems like it’s a good idea to them, either how you present, or because it just seems like something they themselves would think. A common way to use Influence products is through sweetener spell when you are trying to influence someone to accept your idea, listen to your presentation, and want to follow your plan and direction. Just taking a jar, fill it with the sweetener of your choice nearly to the brim. On a small piece of paper write down the name of the target, and then cross it with the desired action (for example “produce my screenplay”) and then put a pinch of sweetener over the writing, fold the paper up towards you three times, and place the paper down into the sweetener. Take a taste of the sweetener from the jar and say “As this sweetener is sweet to me, so let so-n-so produce my screenplay”. Seal the jar. Then on top of the jar burn yellow or pink candles dressed with influence oil. As you fix the candles pray out loud “so-n-so produce my screenplay.” and do that until you are satisfied. Of course if you can acquires something personal from the target you should add this to the jar of sweetener as well.

Compelling products are the next step up. While influence is kind and gentle, compel is little more pushier in it’s application. It’s main usage comes through when someone has made a promise or entered into an agreement to perform a certain action, and is now seeming to try to get out of doing that action, but it can also be used on people in authority to get them to help you, but as I said, it’s a little more pushier. The main difference is that their desire to help is compelled and thus seems to come from within them, as opposed to be a result of bowing to your authority. One could say the opposite of Compelling is Commanding, the difference being that Commanding is used by people in authority to get people to do what is desired, whereas Compelling is done by people who are subject to authority to get that authority to do what is desired. If the boss promised you a raise if you got the project done in 3 months, and you finished it in 2 and half, and that raise isn’t forthcoming, now is the time to pull out Compelling formulas to work on the boss. To that end you might take a picture of the boss, a nice clear head shot that you print out on some paper. On the back of the photo write their name 9 times and then cross it with your desire IE “Give me the promised raise” 9 times. Anoint the corners of the image with Compelling oil and attach it up to a wall in your home or work area. Any wall will do, but choosing a wall that faces the direction of the workplace or if know the direction to the boss’ home is also a good choice. In the morning and evening stare at the picture saying out loud your prayer and stating “Give me the promised raise.” Really drill your gaze into the eyes of the photo, as if your gaze is penetrating into his mind. Burn some Compelling incense as you do so, and let the rising smoke waft about the image. In the workplace, put some oil on the doorknob of the boss’ office, quietly stating your intent. If you can enter the office before the boss arrives, you can sprinkle a pinch of Compelling powder onto this chair and floor, stating your intent for the promised raise to be given to you.

In terms of coercive force, the next step up is Bend-over, often titled Essence of Bend-over, coming from when most of these were alcohol based perfumes, instead of using oil carrier for the fragrance. These are the products to use when you have absolute desire to have anyone who has authority over you to really favor you to the point that they actually submit to you, often to the point where it seems they are bowed over, or bent over, worshiping you, and they follow your requests as if they were messages from God. This is particularly desirable if the targets are authorities who have an absolute control over your well being in some way, like being a personal assistant and your boss has total control over you, or in similar situations where your fates lay in the hands of someone with absolute authority and you definitely want that authority to be nice to you, to favor you, and really to be very powerfully disposed to giving you what you want. While it can be used by people in authority as well, it is more often used by the lower end of the hierarchy, to turn the tables some in their favor. If you absolutely want them subjugated and submissive to you, Bend-over is the way to go. In this case I recommend a slight variation on a traditional method of working in which the name or image of the target is placed into your shoe, and so as you walk around, the target is placed “under your feet.” In this case the paper or image has Bend over oil anointed on the four corners of the paper, and a pinch of Bend-over powder is placed in the shoe as well. The main shoe to use is the right one. If you particularly want to apply some aggressive power while using this trick, take your right foot while wearing the fixed shoe and stomp it on the ground three times, as if you are kicking downward on the person, treating them like a pack animal to get them to move forward, even though they seem to be hesitating. No, it’s not a nice thing, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to get things done especially when nicer measures have already failed to work.

I hope this has helped to clear up the purposes being Influence, Compel and Bend-over.