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H is for Herbs and spices


I love herbs. My mom is a gardener and growing up with a garden with plants growing and herbs all around has always been interesting to me, although spading and working the soil was not my favorite thing as a kid. When I discovered the magic of herbs, I jumped at it, and one of my first entries in my magical workbook was several pages about herb lore. Although it would be a while before I really started doing a lot with herbs, when I started cooking regularly, they also become a favorite way to give flavor, depth and interest to dishes.

Herbs (which for me cover everything like seeds, barks, roots, petals, flowers, stamens and leaves) have a multitude of means of putting them to work in practical sorcery While I don’t always think about magical relationships with herbs while cooking, sometimes the symbolism I find can be quite potent. An apple pie with cinnamon or clove can be clever and tasty way to deliver a love spell. A good marinara sauce seasoned with basil, rosemary and sage can help to promote peace and blessings among the inhabitants of a home. Make a protection soup with white mustard, black pepper and that ubiquitous pinch of salt, which can both be magical and flavorful. A cup of chamomile tea can be soothing and relaxing, but also help bring luck, especially with money.

Of course, there are more ritualized methods of working with herbs as well, that are not so subtle. Making a herbal blend which you then boil or steep in hot water to make a magical bath. For cleansing I have a preference for sage (the garden variety) hyssop and eucalyptus leaves. For love, Rose petals, lavender buds, and some rosemary make for a gentle love drawing bath that smells quite green and floral. For something a bit more spicy, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom made into a strong tea and then bathed in can also bring a bit for physical enjoyment. You can also just simmer the above spices, or a pumpkin spice blend in a pot of water to get the scent to fill the home before an amour comes over to visit. Similarly a bath in cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice can help to draw wealth and good fortune. You can also bath in chamomile tea, which creates a bath of golden water, a very striking image of as you are bathing in gold.

While not as commonly used by many people, powders are a good way to apply magic. A practice that comes mainly from African American folk traditions, it is often overlooked by people outside of tha tradition, except for well known powders like Hotfoot Powder or Goofer Dust, two powders used to curse people, either to drive them away, or to potentially kill them. You can also use simple powdered herbs for their effects. Putting a pinch of ground black pepper and then a pinch of salt in your shoes can help to protect you from harm, shielding you from curses that have been laid down where you walk. The first time I did this, I almost jumped when I put my shoes on, because I immediately felt this surge of power go through, as though some residual negative energy have been cast out from me. Of course, there are other powdered herbs. You should take a pink of powdered cinnamon and lay it down underneath your door mat, to bring wealth to your home, a good practice if you also have a home business. Laying powdered herbs down that relate to your intention in the 4 corners of your home or property is a good way to reinforce magic performed on that area to help establish protection, blessings, or good fortune in the home or property. You can also use powdered herbs in rituals, using them to lay down symbols that connect to the herbs powers, which are serve to further reinforce your intention and focus. The most recognized one would be a circle of protective herbs, perhaps mixed together, which then marks a boundary for a ring of candles that surround a single candle, used in a spell for protection. When the candles have all burned out, collect the powder again, and carry it with you for protection, or sprinkle it around your home or the place to be protected.

There is a multitude of ways of using herbs, and I hope I have laid out some less commented upon methods here to inspire your imagination when working with herbs in magic.

F is for Feoh


Feoh or Fehu is the first rune of the runic alphabet. It is from this letter that begins the general name of the runic sequence Futhark or Futhorc. The meaning attributed to Feoh is that of wealth, gold, valuables and by association from older cultures, cattle, the medium of understanding how wealthy a person or household might be. I mainly think of it as just wealth or gold as the best representation for modern day understandings. The name of this rune is see as the foundation for many modern words like finances, fees, fiscal and other words that relate to money and wealth that start with a similar sound.

After love magic, I would say that most people coming looking for magic to help make them prosperous, wealthy, rich, or at least financially stable, free from the upsets of unexpected losses, bills, fines and complications. Considering that the major cause of so much stress for many people, couples, and life in general in the modern US is based around wealth, including some of the biggest issues of economics, jobs, employment, social security, the costs of healthcare and so many other things, it can really get a person or a family down.

Wealth and prosperity magic is probably more practiced in some ways then love magic. While some people have various ethical reservations about getting someone to love them through magic, most people do not feel as complicated as doing spells to get themselves to get jobs, find money, or ensure financial favor and support. I know that I myself certainly have no problems with it, and work it often enough. Yet, so much of our culture has this divide between “materialism” and “spirituality”. When you meet a spiritual teacher or practitioner who is rich, people often look askance at them, seeing something questionable and perhaps fraudulent in what they are doing. Yet at the same time, some of these same people might completely ignore long standing spiritual and religious institutions who have more wealth then most of the developing countries in the world.

Yet, I myself find it particularly valuable in seeing the spiritual side of wealth, as well as the spiritual benefit of being enlightened, and applying that wisdom and gaining and managing my wealth, but also the wealth of states and nations. I think it would be much better to have someone who has compassionate enlightenment and reason to be thinking about how to best serve the management of the wealth of a nation then the greed and corruption which clearly plagues the economic systems of the world now.

To meditate and contemplate wealth, prosperity, and abundance not only of spiritual things, but of how it can serve to turn material things into their true spiritual natures is something that can be gained through working with Feoh. Carve it into a candle, or write it on a paper which you then dab with some kind of money related condition oil. Draw the rune from your rune bag and sit with it, either before you, or held in your hands. Chant the name, or draw it in the air with energy and intent and press it into your etheric and astral bodies. What does Feoh tell you about your relationship with Wealth? What would be enough? What do you really want and need to be prosperous?

Prayers and Psalms

Lately, I have been working a lot with prayer and praying. One of the main ways that I have been working with is by reading psalms on a daily basis. I have been exploring Psalms that can be read for different purposes, such as money, love, and luck, but also psalms that can be read and prayed every day for blessings and spiritual guidance and favor.

The book that has been helping me with this is Secrets of the Psalms by Godfrey Selig. It describes practical spiritual workings with the psalms, as well as identifying which psalms that can be worked with from Jewish spiritual practices.

To help me with this, I made a list of Psalms grouped by the purpose identifed by Mr. Selig. I figured I would share this list with my blog

Psalm 1
Psalm 19
Psalm 101 – to aid in becoming pregnant
Psalm 102 – to aid in becoming pregnant
Psalm 126 – to protect children from being taken from you
Psalm 127 – protect newborns
Psalm 128 – protection of pregnant women

Calm a storm at sea

Psalm 2
Psalm 21
Psalm 64

for Luck

Psalm 4
Psalm 57
Psalm 61 – in the home
Psalm 62 – holy blessings
Psalm 65 – fortunate in all undertakings
Psalm 72 – favor and grace from all people
Psalm 86 – promotes the welfare of community
Psalm 87
Psalm 88
Psalm 92 – to gain high honors and ever-increasing good fortune
Psalm112 – increase in might and power

for courtcase

Psalm 5
Psalm 7
Psalm 20
Psalm 35
Psalm 38(with 39)
Psalm 39(with 38)
Psalm 93
Psalm 119 Lamed
Psalm 119 Tzaddi
Psalm 120

Prosper/Success in Business

Psalm 5 – prayed daily
Psalm 8
Psalm 82
Psalm 108
Psalm 114

For overcoming crossed conditions and enemies

Psalm 7
Psalm 41
Psalm 43
Psalm 48
Psalm 53
Psalm 54
Psalm 55
Psalm 63 – from business partners
Psalm 70
Psalm 74
Psalm 75 – forgiveness of sins
Psalm 79
Psalm 94
Psalm 100
Psalm 109
Psalm 110
Psalm 111
Psalm 113
Psalm 115 – for winning disputes with people
Psalm 118 – for silencing contrary people
Psalm 119 Zain – removal from evil situations without harm or loss

Aiding children

Psalm 9
Psalm 33

Overcome an evil spirit

Psalm 10
Psalm 19
Psalm 29
Psalm 40
Psalm 59
Psalm 66
Psalm 68
Psalm 90
Psalm 95 – for others who in need to cast off evil
Psalm 101 (with Psalm 68)
Psalm 104
Psalm 131 – overcome evil spirit of pride
Psalm 145

To overcome fear and stop persecution

Psalm 11 – prayed daily
Psalm 12
Psalm 28
Psalm 44
Psalm 141 – overcome heartfelt fears

Protection from injury and Death

Psalm 13
Psalm 18 – from robbery
Psalm 20
Psalm 24
Psalm 25
Psalm 26
Psalm 50
Psalm 58 – dog attacks
Psalm 60 – protects soldiers
Psalm 73 – protection while traveling in foreign country
Psalm 76 – from fire or water
Psalm 77 – want or danger
Psalm 83 – in war
Psalm 90 – wild animals
Psalm 91
Psalm 116 – protection from violent or sudden death
Psalm 119 Nun – protection while traveling
Psalm 120 – protection from poisonous animals
Psalm 121 – while traveling at night
Psalm 124 – journey by or over water
Psalm 125 – journey through country with many enemies
Psalm 130 – while conducting business in a dangerous or besieged city
Psalm 148 – protects from loss by fire
Psalm 149 – protects by loss from fire (prayed with 148)

Stopping slander/gossip

Psalm 14
Psalm 31
Psalm 36
Psalm 52

Against mental disturbance/depression/mental illness

Psalm 15
Psalm 56 – against desires to commit sin
Psalm 69 – overcome overwhelming physical desires
Psalm 80
Psalm 81
Psalm 117 – for having broken a vow or promise
Psalm 119 He – refrain from committing evil
Psalm 119 Zain – recovery from depression
Psalm 132 – to help in keeping vows and promises
Psalm 137 – root out even the deepest hate or malice

To find a thief

Psalm 16

Turn sorrow into joy

Psalm 16 – prayed daily
Psalm 96 – brings joy to family
Psalm 97 – brings joy to family
Psalm 98 – bring peace and unity between families

Protection from evil

Psalm 17
Psalm 22
Psalm 30
Psalm 91

Healing sick

Psalm 2 – headache
Psalm 3 – headache, backache
Psalm 6 – disease of the eye
Psalm 18
Psalm 49
Psalm 50
Psalm 67
Psalm 84 – foul odor
Psalm 89
Psalm 91
Psalm 105 – healing fever
Psalm 106 – healing fever
Psalm 107 – healing fever
Psalm 119 Aleph – healing a person whose limbs shake
Psalm 119 Gimel – healing the right eye
Psalm 119 Daleth – healing the left eye
Psalm 119 Cheth – relief from pain in the upper body
Psalm 119 Teth – relief from pain in hips or liver or kidneys
Psalm 119 Caph – healing of open sore or boil
Psalm 119 Mem – healing of pain/paralysis of right arm or hand
Psalm 119 Ain – healing and pain/paralysis of left arm or hand
Psalm 119 Pe – healing of boil or swelling on left side of face
Psalm 119 Koph – healing of left leg
Psalm 119 Resh – healing of injury in right ear
Psalm 119 Schin – headache
Psalm 119 Tau – healing of injury in the left ear
Psalm 142 – cures pain in thighs
Psalm 143 cures pain in arms
Psalm 144 – to speed recovery of broken arm
Psalm 146 – to recover from wounds from weapons
Psalm 147 – to recover from wounds from poisonous animals

Help in learning

Psalm 19
Psalm 119 beth
Psalm 134

Petitions to Authority

Psalm 21
Psalm 34
Psalm 78
Psalm 119 Samech
Psalm 122

Receive True Dreams

Psalm 23
Psalm 42

Release from Prison

Psalm 26
Psalm 68
Psalm 71
Psalm 89

Receive Hospitality

Psalm 27

Receive Love, grace, mercy

Psalm 32
Psalm 47
Psalm 51
Psalm 85 – reconcile with a friend
Psalm 111 – acquire friends
Psalm 119 Vau – make servants/employees easy, agreeable, and willing
Psalm 123 – return of servant or journeyman
Psalm 133 – keep and gain friends
Psalm 138 – produce love and friendship


Psalm 37

Peace between married couple

Psalm 45
Psalm 46
Psalm 139 – preserve and increase love among married people
Psalm 140 – remove enmity between married people

For Devotion/Pious

Psalm 99
Psalm 119 Jod
Psalm 129
Psalm135 – for sincere repentance and to become more closely united with God
Psalm 136 – for penitent confession
Psalm 150 – praise when petitions and prayers to God are answered


Recently, I did a conjuration of Bune, using the method laid out in Strategic Sorcery by Jason Miller. As part of a deal made in that conjuration, I am broadcasting the name of the Bune far and wide, and just how awesome he was. He fulfilled my desires with no problems, and brought me the finances I requested. If you are looking to conjure a spirit and need help with monetary issues, you should go and conjure up Bune.

Audhruna – Runes of Wealth

Lately, I have been focusing a lot on wealth, money and prosperity and financial magic. Most people seem to have been affected by that economic shift that has affected the United States over the past year. While it seems the low point has passed, we have not yet a satisfying middle for most people. This of course has many people scrambling, and a lot of magical folk that I know are often turning to some kind of money magic to help them out. Being of a practical bent, this is something I have been working on for a while, and while I am not the Donald Trump of Occultism, I do have some opinions and experience of it.
Two of the books that I have read recently that focused on financial magic are “The Sorcerer’s Secrets” by Jason Miller, and “The Witch’s Coin” by Christopher Penzcak I have to say, in some ways these two books represent very different ends of the magical spectrum about magic and money. Jason Miller’s work I would have to say is the more “practical sorcery” side of the financial magic spectrum. Christopher Penzcak is more representative of the “spiritual relationship” with money. Both have useful ideas, and techniques, and I think people of all sorts would be benefited by reading both, and doing the exercises they find within, and utilizing the spells and techniques.
One of my first comments, when it comes to money magic, is that almost absolute necessity of creating a “money altar.” I put that in quotation marks, because it doesn’t even necessarily have to look like an altar, but you should have a special place where you do money magic, whether you are a professional with clients (where you could also work money spells for them at the same location) or a amateur or hobbyist of some kind (which means you don’t necessarily market your magical skills to others, but you do practice magic). I say this because dealing with finances and money is something you are going to do for all of your life, in some way shape or form, and by creating a relationship with it that is inclusive of spirituality, it gives you a center and focus for dealing with finances. This altar will be the where you work your money magic of all kinds; keep most of your curios and items for money magic.
There are several types of money magic. The most basic and familiar kind can be called “Money-drawing.” This type of magic is about bringing money to you, however that may occur. The next type can be called “Money Protection.” This type of magic is about savings, long term investments, protection from theft, scams and fraud, and managing finances. The next type of money magic can be called “job magic” (although I think the word “job” is a dirty three letter word. I usually prefer employment or work.) This magic is about finding, getting, and keeping a job, with some work place related spells aimed at influencing co-workers, management and work environments. The final area of money magic can be called “gambling magic” and is aimed at magic to influence risky endeavors, which can cover everything from slot machines and poker games, to high-risk investing, and investment in new ventures, like film and television. At least the first three should be represented on your money altar, with the fourth one (gambling) maybe being present, if that is something you do, or are good at. I myself have no ability at gambling, and so I don’t pursue it. There is one other area of related to money magic, which can be called “debt collecting.” It is about money, but more so about influencing people to pay their debts to you, and to give you what they owe you, but if the other three are going well, this one isn’t really a major consideration.
Of course there are runes that relate too many of these areas of magic. With bindrunes, any rune can be combined together to make an audh-stafir (or rune of riches). There are specific runes that deserve mention that are good for money magic. Looking at these, some people may disagree with me, and other works may also present different runes. The ones I am presenting are the one that through my work, have made it clear to me that they are more related to financial magics then anything else.
The first one is Feoh/Fehu. Feoh means Gold in most academic translation of the various Rune poems. Somehow, some people decided that meant “cattle”, but gold seems to be the basic meaning. Just about every book out there most rune types will point you to this rune for wealth. It’s true. This rune does seem to draw wealth to you. However, easy come, easy go is the saying. Feoh doesn’t keep the money with you. It seems part of the nature of this rune is that one you have the money, you will start spending it, and using it. So don’t stop with it, if you have bigger plans then just being everyone’s best friend at the bar.
The second financial rune is Gebo. The name of this rune means “gift” and that is exactly what it is. But it ain’t a free gift. That is, there are certain obligations and responsibilities that come with that gift. I, personally, don’t use this rune much because of it. In this day and age, Gebo is more like contracts, agreements, and business deals. There is an exchange between two parties, and so long as the agreement is kept, it will work out. The breaking that contract made with Gebo can have serious consequences. It is a good way to get people to keep their work, or follow through with a contract, whatever it maybe.
The next financial rune is Jera. Jera means “year” or “Harvest” usually a good year and good harvest. This rune is about Long term financial magic. It definitely means work, but it is work that pays in the end, if you were keeping at it, much in a sense, like a farmer tending his fields and reaping a good harvest for his efforts. If you do work Jera, it should be worked within a defined time period, generally more then a month. At the end of that period, if you want to continue with Jera, you need to examine your previous spell, and make changes. Don’t work the same spell twice, although an on going spell can be worked, so long as the elements that need to be renewed are simple, like candles or offerings.
The next rune is Peorth. “Peorth!” I can already here some people saying. Yes, Peorth. This is, of course, the rune for gambling and high risk financial magic. The Anglo-saxon poem strongly associates it with games of chance, and so it can be used to help with those risky investments. Often, its best purpose is to knowledge about which investment will pay off, but it can also be used to work chance and gambling luck in your favor. Another way to use this rune is also in the locating of hidden treasure. To me, part of the meaning of Peorth is that it actually refers to the dead, who are living it up in their afterlife. Sometimes they can be petitioned to give up their wealth, and so, hidden treasures, and buried valuables might be revealed. By the way, this is for the dead that you are not related. For your ancestors wealth look to Ethel.
The following rune is Berkana. Berkana is the rune of Growth and nurturing of things to help them grow. While most people think of plants, babies, animals and pregnant women, this growing and nurturing can also be about your finances, savings and money. Berkana clearly belongs to the area of money protection, as it is more about money you already have, and are trying to improve. It grows the money, while also protecting it. It is not fast to act, and it does need “a seed” to start with. So, once you get the money from Feoh, start working Berkana to see it grow.

The next rune for money magic is Ehwaz. Ehwaz isn’t completely a money rune. Its name means horse, and while horses are often the mark of the wealthy, and also gambling related, one of its most common uses is to speed things up. This rune, when combined with others, is for emergencies, or Fast Money. Sometimes, Shit Happens. When you need it, and you need it NOW!!! Ehwaz is the rune to use.

Inguz is the next financial rune. Its name refers to one of the epithets of Freyr. In most descriptions, they talk about an image of him being paraded around the lands of Northern Europe, and how he brings fertility to the land. That Fertility is often the quickening of growth of fields, so that food for people and for livestock can be provided. Money magic wise, Inguz is the “active” counterpart to Berkana. Savings, investments, Trusts, where money is placed and is secure, but it is also actively being used, often with higher interests that are paid. This can also be about money that is used for endeavors that will pay off. Education is one very clear example. Enchant your tuition checks, for investing in your future, so that when it ripens, you can be ready to reap the benefit.

Ethel is the rune of ancestral property. This rune is about inheritance, and property. This rune can also be about calling up the skills of ancestors, which are inherent in you, to aid you in your work, if they are related. I might also suggest that you have a good relationship with your ancestors if you are going to do this. It is also a way, that by working with ones ancestors, and giving thanks and veneration for their aid, they can help you directly, by helping you in your work, financial management, and income. After all, if you are pursuing a relationship with them, it will benefit them, to benefit you. Make sure you show gratitude. On the other hand, when it comes to property, this rune is also invaluable, as it helps with real estate investments, and development. It also works well in your personal real estate, your home, whatever that may be.

This pretty much covers most of the runes that deal directly with money and magic. There are some other runes that deserve mention. While not money related per se, they can be worked with financial magic for particular situations or gain. Os the rune of Gods and of the mouth, is really great for those who work in environments where what they say helps them to make their money and succeed. It is also good for any other situation where speaking might be needed (interviews, asking for that raise or promotion etc…). Wunjo(Joy) is good for influencing work environment, to help it be productive, peaceful and pleasant. Eohlx (elk-sedge) and combined with other runes are well suited for money protection, as this is the main protective rune. Protect your wallet, savings, job, reputation, home, investments, you name it, it can be protected. Sowelo(sun) is a great rune to spur on success, aiding you in a number ways to excel. It can also make you “shine” more and let prospective and current employers see you in a more beneficial light. When it comes to money management Teiwaz(a god of justice and judgment) and Mannaz(man) excel in helping one to make decisions. They are also beneficial in seeing through scams, fraud, and pyramid schemes as well. Yr(bow) is the rune to use if you are involved with a craft or skilled trade. It will help you in your skills, and also help to gain respect for abilities. Kalc(chalice) helps one to assess ones skills and desires, and in doing so, seek the best vocation and career, as many people go through life, working, but doing so without direction. It can also bring about the glamour of desirability, helping you to gain employment, particularly if it is your chosen career field.

The previous are all runes that work well within the area of money magic. They might also be runes that are worth paying attention to when receiving a reading, and asking questions related to finances, money and employment, as their presence might indicate benefits or problems.

Of course, when it comes to financial magic, one should also be working practically with financial actions and management. What real world actions are you taking to gain money? If you are doing magic to get work, are you following through with sending out resumes, asking about opportunities from people, and checking the classifieds? Are you checking your investments, reading about changes in Wall Street, and knowing you are handling your money and how? If you are using magic to put a favorable wind at your back, you still need to open the sail, and steer the ship.