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To Silence Slander

A spell to stop the mouths of those who gossip about you

What you will need

  • A stock legal letter for a cease and desist of spreading slander and libel (you can find one here)
  • A picture or names of the targets
  • A black candle
  • An oil for Stopping Gossip
  • An oil for cursing
  • Slippery elm or Chia seeds
  • Black Salt
  • A tool for carving into wax (pin, needle, coffin nail etc..)

Suggested timing: this spell is preferably done at night, either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.  Some suggested times may be during the hours of Mars, Mercury or Saturn on those days.  Another beneficial timing is during Mercury Retrograde. These timings are not required.

Take the stock form of the legal letter for cease and desist of libel and slander.  In the appropriate spaces write the names of the target(s) into the listed areas on the stock form.  If you know of their location (address) employment and employer and any further specific information, include that into the form.  At another point in the form, include the type of action the target(s) are taking, who they are spreading it to, and what methods they are using (social media, office gossip, etc…)  When you are complete, put a pinch of herb and black salt and than fold up the letter, putting the picture (if you have it) into the letter, folding it up soundly.  You may want to tie up the paper with black thread, or black tape.  Black Duct tape may work well for this also. Place this on your altar, and place the candle holder on top of it.  

Take the black candle, and write your targets name in a spiral, like a barber’s pole, from the base of the candle going up to the tip.  The look you’re going for is that when you put the candle in the holder, the target’s name will be upside down, going down into the holder.  After you have carved the name into the candle, dressing the candle with the oils, going up from the base to the tip, away from you.  As you dress the candle, you may wish to pray imprecatory Psalms, or just vent your emotions of anger and vengeance, cursing the targets to shut their damn mouths and to cease speaking about you.  If they continue to speak, only evil will befall them, and everyone will seem them for the frauds they are, and their life will turn to shit.  When you have completed, fix the candle into the holder so it is steady and will burn clean without a mess.  Light the candle, and pray or continue to cuss out those gossiping, slanderous, libelous muthafuckas until you feel you have vented and expressed your emotions satisfactorily.

You may also wish to repeat this simple incantation:
I call upon you, Aniel (AH KNEE EL) and Chaamiah (KAH AH ME AH) to close the mouth of (target[s] name) who maligns and speaks evil of me.  Visit them while they sleep, plant fright and dread in their mind and dreams.  Torment them while they wake, leaving them with no peace or rest, until such that they no longer slander me. Grant me your swift and terrible aid, you wrathful angels, in the name of the Most High. Amen.

Than focus your gaze upon the candle. Focus your mind as you gaze, upon silencing these bastards who are maligning you, that their slander only ruins them.  Do this for anywhere to 5 to 15 minutes or until you feel satisfied.  Relax, step away, knowing that the work is done.  Let the candle finish burning out, collect any remnants of wax along with the paper, and either keep it in a freezer, place it into a vinegar jar, or dispose of it at a crossroads, without looking back as you do so.

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