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Sixth Pentacle of Mars

Sixth Pentacle of Mars
Sixth Pentacle of Mars – It hath so great virtue that being armed therewith, if thou art attacked by any one, thou shalt neither be injured nor wounded when thou fightest with him, and his own weapon shall turn against him

For Reversing harmful spiritual attacks

Made during Mars in Rulership in scorpio, dignified by Term and Face a very favorable election. Penned in red ink and laminated for durability.

For sale. $25

Prayers and Psalms

Lately, I have been working a lot with prayer and praying. One of the main ways that I have been working with is by reading psalms on a daily basis. I have been exploring Psalms that can be read for different purposes, such as money, love, and luck, but also psalms that can be read and prayed every day for blessings and spiritual guidance and favor.

The book that has been helping me with this is Secrets of the Psalms by Godfrey Selig. It describes practical spiritual workings with the psalms, as well as identifying which psalms that can be worked with from Jewish spiritual practices.

To help me with this, I made a list of Psalms grouped by the purpose identifed by Mr. Selig. I figured I would share this list with my blog

Psalm 1
Psalm 19
Psalm 101 – to aid in becoming pregnant
Psalm 102 – to aid in becoming pregnant
Psalm 126 – to protect children from being taken from you
Psalm 127 – protect newborns
Psalm 128 – protection of pregnant women

Calm a storm at sea

Psalm 2
Psalm 21
Psalm 64

for Luck

Psalm 4
Psalm 57
Psalm 61 – in the home
Psalm 62 – holy blessings
Psalm 65 – fortunate in all undertakings
Psalm 72 – favor and grace from all people
Psalm 86 – promotes the welfare of community
Psalm 87
Psalm 88
Psalm 92 – to gain high honors and ever-increasing good fortune
Psalm112 – increase in might and power

for courtcase

Psalm 5
Psalm 7
Psalm 20
Psalm 35
Psalm 38(with 39)
Psalm 39(with 38)
Psalm 93
Psalm 119 Lamed
Psalm 119 Tzaddi
Psalm 120

Prosper/Success in Business

Psalm 5 – prayed daily
Psalm 8
Psalm 82
Psalm 108
Psalm 114

For overcoming crossed conditions and enemies

Psalm 7
Psalm 41
Psalm 43
Psalm 48
Psalm 53
Psalm 54
Psalm 55
Psalm 63 – from business partners
Psalm 70
Psalm 74
Psalm 75 – forgiveness of sins
Psalm 79
Psalm 94
Psalm 100
Psalm 109
Psalm 110
Psalm 111
Psalm 113
Psalm 115 – for winning disputes with people
Psalm 118 – for silencing contrary people
Psalm 119 Zain – removal from evil situations without harm or loss

Aiding children

Psalm 9
Psalm 33

Overcome an evil spirit

Psalm 10
Psalm 19
Psalm 29
Psalm 40
Psalm 59
Psalm 66
Psalm 68
Psalm 90
Psalm 95 – for others who in need to cast off evil
Psalm 101 (with Psalm 68)
Psalm 104
Psalm 131 – overcome evil spirit of pride
Psalm 145

To overcome fear and stop persecution

Psalm 11 – prayed daily
Psalm 12
Psalm 28
Psalm 44
Psalm 141 – overcome heartfelt fears

Protection from injury and Death

Psalm 13
Psalm 18 – from robbery
Psalm 20
Psalm 24
Psalm 25
Psalm 26
Psalm 50
Psalm 58 – dog attacks
Psalm 60 – protects soldiers
Psalm 73 – protection while traveling in foreign country
Psalm 76 – from fire or water
Psalm 77 – want or danger
Psalm 83 – in war
Psalm 90 – wild animals
Psalm 91
Psalm 116 – protection from violent or sudden death
Psalm 119 Nun – protection while traveling
Psalm 120 – protection from poisonous animals
Psalm 121 – while traveling at night
Psalm 124 – journey by or over water
Psalm 125 – journey through country with many enemies
Psalm 130 – while conducting business in a dangerous or besieged city
Psalm 148 – protects from loss by fire
Psalm 149 – protects by loss from fire (prayed with 148)

Stopping slander/gossip

Psalm 14
Psalm 31
Psalm 36
Psalm 52

Against mental disturbance/depression/mental illness

Psalm 15
Psalm 56 – against desires to commit sin
Psalm 69 – overcome overwhelming physical desires
Psalm 80
Psalm 81
Psalm 117 – for having broken a vow or promise
Psalm 119 He – refrain from committing evil
Psalm 119 Zain – recovery from depression
Psalm 132 – to help in keeping vows and promises
Psalm 137 – root out even the deepest hate or malice

To find a thief

Psalm 16

Turn sorrow into joy

Psalm 16 – prayed daily
Psalm 96 – brings joy to family
Psalm 97 – brings joy to family
Psalm 98 – bring peace and unity between families

Protection from evil

Psalm 17
Psalm 22
Psalm 30
Psalm 91

Healing sick

Psalm 2 – headache
Psalm 3 – headache, backache
Psalm 6 – disease of the eye
Psalm 18
Psalm 49
Psalm 50
Psalm 67
Psalm 84 – foul odor
Psalm 89
Psalm 91
Psalm 105 – healing fever
Psalm 106 – healing fever
Psalm 107 – healing fever
Psalm 119 Aleph – healing a person whose limbs shake
Psalm 119 Gimel – healing the right eye
Psalm 119 Daleth – healing the left eye
Psalm 119 Cheth – relief from pain in the upper body
Psalm 119 Teth – relief from pain in hips or liver or kidneys
Psalm 119 Caph – healing of open sore or boil
Psalm 119 Mem – healing of pain/paralysis of right arm or hand
Psalm 119 Ain – healing and pain/paralysis of left arm or hand
Psalm 119 Pe – healing of boil or swelling on left side of face
Psalm 119 Koph – healing of left leg
Psalm 119 Resh – healing of injury in right ear
Psalm 119 Schin – headache
Psalm 119 Tau – healing of injury in the left ear
Psalm 142 – cures pain in thighs
Psalm 143 cures pain in arms
Psalm 144 – to speed recovery of broken arm
Psalm 146 – to recover from wounds from weapons
Psalm 147 – to recover from wounds from poisonous animals

Help in learning

Psalm 19
Psalm 119 beth
Psalm 134

Petitions to Authority

Psalm 21
Psalm 34
Psalm 78
Psalm 119 Samech
Psalm 122

Receive True Dreams

Psalm 23
Psalm 42

Release from Prison

Psalm 26
Psalm 68
Psalm 71
Psalm 89

Receive Hospitality

Psalm 27

Receive Love, grace, mercy

Psalm 32
Psalm 47
Psalm 51
Psalm 85 – reconcile with a friend
Psalm 111 – acquire friends
Psalm 119 Vau – make servants/employees easy, agreeable, and willing
Psalm 123 – return of servant or journeyman
Psalm 133 – keep and gain friends
Psalm 138 – produce love and friendship


Psalm 37

Peace between married couple

Psalm 45
Psalm 46
Psalm 139 – preserve and increase love among married people
Psalm 140 – remove enmity between married people

For Devotion/Pious

Psalm 99
Psalm 119 Jod
Psalm 129
Psalm135 – for sincere repentance and to become more closely united with God
Psalm 136 – for penitent confession
Psalm 150 – praise when petitions and prayers to God are answered

Mirror Box Spell for Protection and Empowerment

This was a spell I did for client, who was under continuous spiritual attack for being gay.

The things that you will need are:

A box
Four mirrors
Modeling clay
Paint (white and red)
White vigil candle

Protection incense
Protection Oil

Gay Power Oil
Blessings Oil
A personal concern

Granulated Sugar
High John root pieces
Queen Elizabeth root pieces
Solomon seal root pieces
Calamus Root Pieces
Black Sampson root pieces

The firs step is preparing the box. Any box will do. In the photos given, the box I used was a photo box that can turn around. Paint the box white from top to bottom and the inside. White is a color of protection and spiritual power. Once the box has dried; paint on the outside, on each side of the box a symbol of protection. The symbol pictured is taken from Icelandic magic and is the Sign of Solomon, but any protection symbol will do. The symbol should be painted in red. Using the red paint, paint a symbol of power, strength or mastery on the inside of the box, on each inside wall. For my client, I painted the lower case greek Lambda, a symbol for the Gay Rights. Once the paint has dried, fix the four mirrors over the symbols on the outside of the box, so they are reflecting outward. The mirrors help to strengthen the protection, but reflecting the harmful forces away. With the box I used, I slid the mirrors into the picture frames.

Once that is completed, take the modeling clay, and shape it into a figure that resembles the person being protected. Once the figure is shaped, take a pin and carve into the chest of the figurine the name of the client. Once that is completed, baptize the figurine saying “I name you (client’s name), (Client’s Name) you are to me. At this point, integrate in the personal concern of the client. The concern I had was a piece of paper, with the client’s name written on it seven times, by the client himself. I wrapped the paper around the doll, and then proceeded to oil the doll with the Gay Power oil, stroking the oil towards me, to draw power, heal, and strengthen him. I then placed the figurine in the box. Mixing together the sugar and herbs, I prayed over them, asking for strength, wholeness, power and mastery for the client. Once it was thoroughly mixed, I poured the combination over the figurine, surrounding him with sweetness and power. I then sealed the box.

On the outside, I anointed the corners and top and bottom of the box with protection oil, and smoked the box in protection incense, praying for the client to be protected from harmful influences, and that the mirrors reflect the harm back up on the sources, causing them to see only what they wanted to see. As I did this, I turned the box on its pedestal, so the mirrors reflected all the directions. I then took the white vigil candle; fixed it with protection, gay power, and blessings oil, praying for the client to be protected, and that blessings and power fill the client.

How to identify a curse

In my experience with a few clients who have come to me, indicating that they are cursed. When a client gives an indication, I take their claim with utmost seriousness, but I also have a battery of questions that I usually ask, seeking to identify what is going on. Often types, the client is not cursed (which is to say, another conjure has actively been casting spells to do harm to my client) but maybe experiencing some crossed conditions brought about by another source. Depending upon the answers, it helps to inform me on how to proceed with aiding the client.

The first question I like to ask is asking for evidence. As in most magic, successful curses will require that the target have some kind of direct interaction with the magical ingredients of the curse. This can take many forms, but commonly this will appear as:

Powders (often mixed with local dirt, but not always) that are sprinkled or dusted on the target, or in places where the target will walk over, touch, sleep, or interact with in someway. One client, while staying with his older sister, used to wake up with powder on him every morning, because his older sister was actively casting harmful magic on him, and using his vulnerability to curse him with magical illnesses.
Loss of personal effects – When the targets personal environment cannot be reached often, sometimes items that carry the essence of the target will be utilized instead. This will also take many forms, but often the target will find that any hair from a hairbrush is gone, used undergarments are missing, personal hygiene items are missing, used socks are also missing. If the person being targeted is not that very close, sometimes even less noticeable items might disappear, like used tissues or paper towels, any paper with a signature on it, or used and unwashed eating utensils (like plastic or spoons, knives or forks). This can be hard to notice, but it can be used.
Discovery of unusual items in your personal environment – besides powders, sometimes dolls or containers (usually bottles or jars, but also mojo hands can be used as well) will be found, that contain substances, that are usually unpleasant smelling, and are filled with items. These are usually planted in your environment, often near where you walk, or near where you sleep. Some very old time and special containers might be hollowed eggshells, which were then planted or broken against the home of the target. When it comes to dolls, they are often buried, in a box that resembles a coffin, and included with dolls will be pins, needles, nails, and unpleasant smelling herbs and minerals, and animal derived substances.
It is these items that I usually inquire about first, as this is a very clear sign that you are actively being cursed.

Not all curses need to be worked directly, and so there are other signs that are telling of magic being used to harm. This is usually involved with timing. Just as there are times when working certain forms of benevolent magic is useful, so there are times where working malefic magic, that will strengthen it. Some of those times are:
When the moon is waning. The period of the full moon, when it goes to be smaller and smaller, until it disappears from the night sky completely. The idea being that is the moon is lessened, so will the target of the curse experiencing wasting or weakening.
Tuesdays and Saturdays – In astrological lore, Tuesdays are ruled by the planet Mars (If you look at Spanish, Italian of French, it is clearly indicated in their names) and Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn. Both of these planets are considered “malefic” or planets whose influence can easily be worked towards harmful and evil ends.
Sunset and Nighttime – These times are also used to work harmful magic, especially at night, after midnight, until an hour before dawn. The symbolism of the setting sign being also the weakening of beneficial powers, while the late hours of the night are times that people perform magic, often for harmful purposes.

If you do notices that crossed conditions often return or become worse during this time, which is often a strong indication that someone is actively cursing you, although usually from a distance, as they may be unable to come close to.

After questioning for these arrangements, it then becomes necessary to talk about whom. Often, the client will have an idea of who may be actively cursing them. Jealous neighbors, angry family members, vengeful ex-wives and husbands, bitter co-workers are often the sources of curses. Sometimes, they might undertake the work themselves, but it is equally likely that they will hire a worker to perform the work for them, and supply them with powders, bottles or other means of affecting the target. When it happens that a client is unable to recall any enemies that might target them, sometimes it becomes necessary to recall recent past experiences and look for any slightly odd or unusual behavior. Some people, who are enemies, might be working to maintain a façade of friendship, in order to be close to the target, collect personal effects, and deliver the curse using items and powders. Enemies who resort to these measure might also employ the giving of cursed gifts, items that the target might like and appreciate, but have been tricked to deliver the curse and inflict crossed conditions. The most common version I have heard of this is giving jewelry, necklaces or bracelets that the target likes. When they wear the jewelry, they dress themselves in the curse.

The actions of a curse may also make themselves known. As the actions themselves are often difficult to tell apart from physical illness, or just routine rash of bad luck, until they become very pronounced, it is often difficult to confirm a curse using this method. The best identifiers are:

Medical anomalies – if the curse is affecting your health, you should visit a medical doctor. Often times, the curse does not give a clear reason why the target is suffering health problems, and a clear cause cannot be located by medical professionals. Some medical afflictions do not have simple remedies, and come with chronic ailments, medical professionals are often able to identify these illnesses, and recommend a continuous treatment for chronic illness. Magical illness often only shows the symptoms, but the physical cause is not found, despite repeated tests and examinations. Also, medical treatments, while they might give very temporary relief, often become unable to cope with the curse, especially during times when harmful magic is being worked, as the magical illness becomes stronger during the waning moon, Saturdays, etc…

Mental anomalies – This often takes the form of intense nightmares at first, which only grow in strength is the curse grows in power. The nightmares may become so bad, that insomnia develops, further weakening the target. Anxiety and depression that is continuously not responding to psychological and medical treatment, as well as a general listlessness, or mental “confusion” where none existed before, that causes the target to disassociate from friends, co-workers, family and sources of aid and support. You might also find any bad habits or neuroses becoming stronger, from excessive unhealthy eating to alcohol and drug consumption that becomes overwhelmingly more apparent (especially to people who care about you) when it wasn’t there before. Often when the target visits mental health professionals, they are unable to identify exactly the cause, and treatment seems to produce very little effect or have very little success when a curse is the cause of mental illness of affliction.

As I indicated, these are often the hardest means of identifying an active curse, although the presence of medical and mental illness, along with other identifiers is usually a sure sign of magic being used to harm. If medical and mental illness are present, but with out other signs, the crossed conditions might be coming from another source,

The final method of detecting and identifying an active curse is by a spiritual or psychic reading, also called divination. The many forms of divination generally include the ability to indicate when a curse is active, or the reader maybe familiar with methods of identifying curses. While one should always be careful of fraudulent readers who engage in schemes (usually involving burning candles) to separate the people from their money. Not all readers also perform magic, and not all conjures and rootworkers doing readings outside of the context of performing magic. A reading will often confirm what is present from the other signs of being cursed, and in cases where person doing the cursing is not clear, might also give an indication of where the harmful magic is coming from, instead of a generic “black cloud” that hovers over the target. A curse comes from somewhere, and can often be traced or divined.

If you do find that all of these signs are present, you are very likely the subject of a curse or jinx. While in the early stages, a target might be able to break the curse themselves, when it has progressed, you should avail yourself of magical and spiritual assistance.

Cleanse and Refresh with Water

Water has a wonderful spiritual power all it’s own. While it often plays a backdrop to many spiritual practices itself, water can be used directly in it’s own way.

One of the main qualities of water that is recognized is that it is cooling. As many people take the opportunity to enjoy a pool or the beach on a hot day, or just seek out cool water to drink when feeling hot from exertion, so that same quality can be used in spiritual work.

A simple way to use the cooling power of water is to fill a glass or bowl with clean water. Tap water is sufficient, but you might find that bottled spring water or water collected from a natural source, like a nearby lake, river, ocean is more effective. Pray over the water to fill it and emphasize the use. Some examples from Psalms that might be effective might be Psalm 65:9 “You visit the earth and water it, You greatly enrich it, The river of God is full of Water.” or Psalm 72:6 “He shall come down like rain upon the grass before mowing, Like showers that water the earth.” or Psalm 104:13 “He waters the hills from his upper chambers. The earth is satisfied with the fruit of his works.” After praying, take the water starting in the back of your home, sprinkle it around you. If you have a device to sprinkle with, use that, but just using your fingers after dipping them in the water is sufficient. Sprinkle the water until you have sprinkled every room of your home. This helps to cool and refresh the home, a simple way to cleanse and bless it, and an excellent addition to any house cleansing, especially after an intense or hot situation, like an argument.

This water can also be used to cool and refresh yourself, just pouring the cool water over yourself, or sprinkling it on yourself. The sprinkle some before you, behind you, and to your right and left, essentially cooling and refreshing in a five-spot around you to cool the paths you might walk or go.

You might be familiar with the folk magic of setting a glass of water near you as you sleep. No, it’s not for drinking, but has often been used as a way to bring restful sleep, as it keeps away nightmares and spiritual forces that might be troubling you, at least on a basic level. I find that adding a pinch of salt, and praying over it seems to give better results if you find that you are prone to nightmares or very sensitive to spiritual forces. When you wake up in the morning, it should be disposed of, either by throwing out the front door of your home (or apartment building) or flushing it down the toilet.

This same glass of water can also be set in a room for a day, as it will also produce a calming influence to spiritual forces and disturbances. One method of making this stronger is to add some camphor to that glass, a crystalline substance often sold in cubes, which has been used for cleansing and purification as well. Camphor also has a cool sharp scent and works well with water for this purpose.

Praying over water before you drink it, is also a very gentle way to help do a regular personal cleansing. Water is used to help the body remove waste that is made from regular functions, so spiritual empowered water can help to remove spiritual debris from within, which can be very useful following a period of intense spiritual work, or as part of spiritual cleansing regime.