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Tarot Card Talisman of the 16th Mansion of the Moon – From the Picatrix

Talisman of the 16th Mansion of the Moon

The sixteenth mansion is Azebene, and it for the making of money (which is to say selling and buying). When the Moon is passing through this mansion, fashion the figure of a man seated in a throne and carrying the a scale in his hands. Suffumigate the image with fine odors, and set it out under the stars. Repeat this for seven nights, saying each night “Azeruch, make such and such a thing happen for me, and accomplish my request.”
Ask of it pertaining to selling and buying.

made while the moon was waxing in the 16th mansion, which is located in Libra. It has been suffumigated with fine odors and placed under the stars for seven nights. It can help in business, sales, marketing and purchasing.

For Sale- $25

2nd Pentacle of Venus – Two Versions

2nd pentacle of Venus  English 2nd Pentacle of Venus Hebrew


These Pentacles are proper for obtaining grace and honor, and for all things which belong unto Venus, and for accomplishing all they desires herein.

For graceful attainment of desires. A talisman that can be used to attain anything.

This particular design was made while Venus in Exaltation in Pisces, dignified with Triplicity by night, a very favorable election.

The design on the first image uses English translation of the Hebrew letters. The second design uses a variant Hebrew script for the letters.

The first design was made when Venus was Exalted in Pisces with further dignity of Triplicity by Night.  A very favorable election.

The second design was made when Venus was in Rulership in Taurus, further dignified by Triplicity by Day, and in it’s own face. A very favorable election.

For sale -$25.

The Fourth Pentacle of the Sun

4th Pentacle of the Sun

This serveth to enable thee to see the Spirits when they appear invisible unto those who invoke them; because, when thou hast uncovered it, they will immediately appear visible.

To help one to see hidden spirits, and to aid in psychic perceptions.

Made when the Sun was in Rulership in Leo. A favorable election.

For sale – $25

Talisman of the 7th Mansion of the Moon

Talisman of the 7th Mansion


The 7th mansion is known as Aldirah, and when the moon is passing through this mansion, fashion an image of of a man clothed in robes and with his hands in the manner of a man who is praying and supplicating; and in the breast of the image write the name of the lord of the mansion. Perfume it with sweet smelling things and say, “You, Selehe, cause such and such thing to happen, and grant my petition.” Ask for whatever you with that pertains to good things. Carry the image with you, and it will be as you wish.

It can be used to attain all good things. Just burn some pleasant smelling incense, and let the smoke of the incense waft around it, and ask Selehe what you need help in attaining.

For sale $25

The Sixth Pentacle of the Sun

6th Pentacle of the Sun

The Sixth Pentacle of the Sun – It serveth excellently for the operation of invisibility, when correctly made.

To render yourself “invisible” less noticeable, indistinct, indistinguishable or to hide yourself when doing spiritual work that you don’t want detected.

Made during the Sun being Exalted in Aries. A favorable election.

for Sale – $25

The Second Pentacle of Mars

2nd Pentacle of Mars

The Second Pentacle of Mars – This Pentacle serveth with great success against all kinds of diseases, it it be applied unto the afflicted part.

For healing and health.

Made during Mars in Rulership in Scorpio, further dignified face. A favorable election.

For sale $25