2nd Pentacle of Venus – Two Versions

2nd pentacle of Venus  English 2nd Pentacle of Venus Hebrew


These Pentacles are proper for obtaining grace and honor, and for all things which belong unto Venus, and for accomplishing all they desires herein.

For graceful attainment of desires. A talisman that can be used to attain anything.

This particular design was made while Venus in Exaltation in Pisces, dignified with Triplicity by night, a very favorable election.

The design on the first image uses English translation of the Hebrew letters. The second design uses a variant Hebrew script for the letters.

The first design was made when Venus was Exalted in Pisces with further dignity of Triplicity by Night.  A very favorable election.

The second design was made when Venus was in Rulership in Taurus, further dignified by Triplicity by Day, and in it’s own face. A very favorable election.

For sale -$25.

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