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February 28, 2010 – Wunjo


Wunjoy is the letter W

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Bliss he enjoys who knows not suffering, sorrow nor anxiety,
and has prosperity and happiness and a good enough house

Wunjo is often translated as Joy, Bliss and sometimes happiness. Etymologically, it is related to a german word for wishes or wishing.

Wunjo creates a category of it’s own, known as gamaruna or Joy runes. As I am typing this entry, each time I type Wunjo, I keep adding the letter y to the end. Esoterically it is the rune of Harmony, showing all things working together, being in the right place at the right time, reverberating and resonating in a kind of cosmic tuning. It shows that harmony is filling the day (although not necessarily Peace or calm) and that anxiety, sorrow and suffering is temporarily alleviated. It is also a heidrunar or bright rune, as there is a quality of light that seems to permeate contemplation of Wunjo, which is different from the light of other runes. It is rather like the light that fills the sky before sunrise, or just after the sun has set, where if you stop and watch and be with that moment, everything just seems to fall into place.

Rune of the Week Feb 28 – March 6

Ehwaz reversed

Ehwaz is the vowel sound e (like get)

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The horse is a joy to princes in the presence of warriors.
A steed in the pride of its hoofs,when rich men on horseback bandy words about it;and it is ever a source of comfort to the restless.

Ehwaz translates as the word horse. In it’s reversed form, it indicates that things are moving slowly. It can also show that what is needed is a slow movement, marked with methodical and thoughtful action, instead of haste and seemingly thoughtless action. Nothing is necessarily holding it back, but it just cannot proceed quickly.

February 27, 2010 – Ac


Ac is the vowel a (ah)

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The oak fattens the flesh of pigs for the children of men.
Often it traverses the gannet’s bath,and the ocean proves whether the oak keeps faithin honourable fashion
Ac means oak. It is endurance, stamina and a kind of longevity, much like the oak tree itself. It tells me that I will have the energy to survive the day, or at least I will find that energy and work through it. After the change of things brought about by the action of Inguz earlier this week, I have found a new stability, and with that, new sources of energy, and places to act from, is also part of the sense I have for myself.

February 26, 2010 – Dagaz


Dagaz is the letter D

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Day, the glorious light of the Creator, is sent by the Lord;
it is beloved of men, a source of hope and happiness to rich and poor,and of service to all.

Dagaz means day. The changing of day is my sense about this rune today. The changes people experience in their day to day lives. The small things we are told not to sweat. You still don’t need to sweat them, but be aware of them and embrace them. Move with them, and find new opportunities to change yourself. Often times the smallest thing could be a key that unlocks a great door or the small light that sustains you until you reach the new dawn. This sounds really vague and mystical to me, but yet, that is part of the experience of Dagaz. Sometimes it is really mystical and vague, because the light that has just risen upon us is not fully understood yet.

February 25, 2010 – Peorth


Peorth is the letter P

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Peorth is a source of recreation and amusement to the great,
where warriors sit blithely together in the banqueting-hall

Peorth is a rune whose name is not exactly translated. After some research into the subject, and reading what many people have had to say, I believe the meaning is the Afterlife and the continuation of life after death. Not based upon this translation (as there are many) but reading from others.

The esoteric meaning however, is one of fortune, chance and luck. Nobody really knows where you will end up when you die. You might go to the Feast Hall of the High Gods, or you may end up with everyone else, in an underworld that, while it is not perhaps an awful place of torment, is not nearly as great as other places. There is this mixed meaning of chance and life after death, I think, expressed by the mystery of Peorth.
Today, it feels more like a rune of Fortune. Things will just work out today. What seems like a unwanted occurrence, will turn to my benefit. And the wanted, well maybe not so much, but it won’t necessarily be concerning me because it will be away from me. Perhaps I need to go play a scratcher or something.

February 24, 2010 – Inguz


Inguz is the suffix –ing

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Ing was first seen by men among the East-Danes,
till, followed by his chariot,he departed eastwards over the waves.So the Heardingas named the hero

The return of Inguz. There must be a lot of things happening I guess. I opened up Inguz further with some additional runes to get a clearer picture of what was happening and the indication was that previous instability (remember Ac reversed not too long ago) is being transformed into dynamic mobility and connection. In a sense that lack of solid foundation, was just needing to happen in order to move forward and enter into something that allowed more to enter into your life, through connection and actively reaching out. It is the actions and energies of today that will trigger this transformation (or have already triggered it) and help to change the situation.

Standing at a Crossroads

Right now I am standing at a crossroads and I am looking at my options about what direction to go, in terms of spiritual exercises and focus. A few weeks ago I completed an extensive meditation/trancework practice with the runes, spending a week (or more) with each rune. I began this in 2009, and while my original goal was to finish in 33 weeks (for the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and Northumbrian runes) it did take much longer because of little bumps in the road of life, like colds, moving, or just not being able to get into the trance state I felt was needed. But I stuck it through to the end, and I finished. It was awesome and when I was done I felt great satisfaction and completion. That lasted for about a week.

The new question is “Where do I go from here?” It is the challenge of being mostly self-directed in one’s personal spiritual/magical practice. There is no teacher saying “study this next” and honestly, while I do love books, for me I need to move beyond them. They too easily become a crutch and a distraction, instead of propelling me ahead into my next thing. I have an extensive library already. The only things I would like to add to it are rare and expensive contemporary books from the Cultus Sabbati and a few things that I have sitting on my wish list at Amazon. That being said, I do need to be thrify and plan my expenditures in that direction more carefully.

That being said, I wonder, where do I go from here? There is no wrong direction, I just need to choose. My usual problem is that I like to my cake and eat it to, and a few other cakes from everyone else as well. Some of the options that have presented themselves to me are:

1) Elemental Mastery – I have a relationship with the elements, Persian and otherwise. But I wouldn’t say I have mastery or a deep and well-established relationship. I have been told that Earth is where I need to begin.
2) A friend and guide along the path has directed me towards working with another magical alphabet, and to unlock meanings from those. While at first I have to say I was not thrilled, after some thought, it seemed interesting.
3) Ancestor Veneration – while I already do this on some level, I would like to take it to a deeper level and put together a more complete ancestor altar, with items of my family and other lineages that I am connected to. This would eventually lead to practicing necromancy and developing that skill set.

So, that is some of the options I am considering. There are others, but I haven’t quite figured them out exactly what they are. I have recently been reading “The Master Book of Candle-Burning” by Henri Gamache and contemplating the working presented there. I have also been working with Biblical Psalms, which might lead to something else, but I am not sure where that might lead, other then my interest in prayers and incantations. I have also been desiring to move forward with my Reiki studies, and become a Reiki Master, but I am not sure if that is what I am ready for yet.

So, I stand at the center of the crossroads, and I contemplate which direction I should head in now. I know eventually I can return and pursue the other objectives, but for now I need to choose and follow that direction.

February 23, 2010 – Os


Os it the vowel O

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The mouth is the source of all language,
a pillar of wisdom and a comfort to wise men,a blessing and a joy to every knight

We have returned to Os and this time, it has been righted. Communication flows, people make wax eloquent, and you may find that more people are listening to your words then normal. You may also find other vocal activities are easier, and even being able to talk your way out of a difficult situation.

February 22, 2010 – Aethel Reversed

Aethel Reversed

Aethel is a very difficult sound to describe. I don’t think there is a modern English equivalent.

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

An estate is very dear to every man,
if he can enjoy there in his housewhatever is right and proper in constant prosperity

Aethel translates to the word “estate”. It has meanings of owned property, especially property that has been passed down through family. A word that is connected to is the word for land owning nobility “athlings”.
The esoteric meaning of aethel is about family, home and lineage. Keep in mind that family is also in a larger sense. Not every persons family is people they are related to by birth or blood. Sometimes family is created when people intentionally come together and create a familial unit. When it is reversed, it indicates discord or lack of harmony within those things. Perhaps you are having a fight with family members, or there are problems in the home which are keeping it from being a peaceful environment. Maybe you have caused offense to your ancestors and need to make amends.

February 21, 2010 – Cenaz reversed

Cenaz Reversed

Cenaz is the sound K, like cat.

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The torch is known to every living man by its pale, bright flame;
it always burns where princes sit within.

Kenaz or Cen, is the torch. The torch of course is the most basic of portable light sources, a simple branch with a burning end that can be used to illuminate dark areas, and can travel with the person, unlike a bonfire which is stationary. It represents the casting of light and illumination, which can signify knowledge, inspiration or just the revelation of that which was hidden or concealed.
In this case, it is Kenaz reversed. It is darkness, and perhaps ignorance and lack of inspiration. The use of concealment and deception is present. Some might consider this a bad thing, but that really depends upon the question. Darkness does have its benefits and uses. Sometimes even knowledge may come in darkness. Often times, that is when knowledge comes. Darkness, silence and stillness are the modes that are often used when seeking knowledge and wisdom. It is in that mode that the knowledge comes, and only afterwards, when that revelation is acted upon does light come from it.