Talisman of the 7th Mansion of the Moon

Talisman of the 7th Mansion


The 7th mansion is known as Aldirah, and when the moon is passing through this mansion, fashion an image of of a man clothed in robes and with his hands in the manner of a man who is praying and supplicating; and in the breast of the image write the name of the lord of the mansion. Perfume it with sweet smelling things and say, “You, Selehe, cause such and such thing to happen, and grant my petition.” Ask for whatever you with that pertains to good things. Carry the image with you, and it will be as you wish.

It can be used to attain all good things. Just burn some pleasant smelling incense, and let the smoke of the incense waft around it, and ask Selehe what you need help in attaining.

For sale $25

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