Why Wait? Act now!

It seems that in my dealings with clients and people interested in using hoodoo and conjure in their lives that many people wait until their life is wrecked before turning to conjure. This is a behavior I don’t quite understand. Often times, when things are in an emergency situation, events are usually too far progressed to be improved quickly and greatly through conjure. The co-worker who hassles them non-stop and they only finally turn to conjure when they have reached the point of breakdown, then they reach out to rootworkers for advice or assistance, and basically are so upset, anxious and angry about the situation that they want the final solution. Another example is when the boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/spouse has walked out because of fighting and arguments, and only then do they seek assistance in love magic. There is also the point when they are down on all fours, yowling like wounded animal, their life and health are in shambles and the prospects for the future look dim do some people only finally turn and ask for curse breaking and protection. It’s a shame, and it’s a problem, and it won’t help them live the life that most people desire, one of peace, prosperity and joy. If you are always putting off things until they become an emergency, then there is never action that helps to establish a comfortable life, especially when so much conjure works better in application before an emergency could occur, and may prevent an emergency from happening.

One of the most simple and uncomplicated ways that your life could be smoothed out is with daily prayer. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but sincerity and heartfelt devotion can go along way, even if your prayer is just a simple recitation of the Lord’s Prayer or the 23rd Psalm every morning.

Another means of ensuring the continued flowing of good fortune is the regular use lucky condition oils, which can cover a multitude of effects. There are a large number of oils that can be used regularly that will help people in their lives, and help them create the life that they desire. A man might prefer High John the Conqueror, while a woman might be benefited from Queen Elizabeth oil. Anyone can use Van Van, whose dual nature of cleaning out bad stuff, but also used to draw in good fortune can be a great boon. Glow of Attraction, Magnet or Lodestone oil also work well in drawing good fortune and what you desire towards you. I am especially fond of using Blessing or Holy Oil as a means to connect with Holy power to overcome obstacles but also to support myself in love, money and life. You can also use the powder form of these oils, or their sprays or bathes on a regular basis. Who knows what a good life you can have by bathing in blessings once a day or every week? You don’t have to save these things for complicated rituals with candles, incense and oils only, but they can all be used on a daily basis to support you in the life you seek.

Another tool is just a simple mojo of a single botanical item, usually a root. The most effective root I find is High John the Conqueror. It works effectively for just about everyone in bringing about the good life and conquering obstacles. There are a few stories I have heard of John, and he didn’t rely only on brute strength, but also on wit, eloquence, and sometimes just sheer courage that helped him overcome many of the unusual and difficult situations he was able to turn to his advantage in his legends.

One final method that you can also use to improve your life is sweetener spell to sweeten yourself. Sometimes your own worst enemy is your own self. We can criticize ourselves, talk ourselves out of taking action, and sometimes just be so cruel within that we don’t even need external enemies. Quite simply, write your name on a piece of paper, fold it, put it into a jar, fill it with your desired sweetener (I like granulated sugar myself), take a quick taste with your finger and seal the jar up. Pray over it, put it under your bed, or in your underwear drawer, and take it out regularly and pray over it some more. Sometimes just learning to be sweet and kind to ourselves can help us in having a smooth, calm and peaceful life.

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