Angels we have heard on high

During this holiday season, with so much bustle and hurry going on, it’s a good time to look to spiritual aid as a way to help manage the stress, and connect with Higher Power.

One of the obvious signs of benevolent influence is the familiar image of an Angel. As it is Christmas, stores are positively busting with images of Angels, flying, signing, playing instruments, and otherwise announcing the birth of Christ and the glory of God. This is an appropriate role for Angels, as their name, descended from the greek word “angelos” means messenger. So, in their role, the bring messages from God to us.

The most famous angelic messenger is of course Gabriel. Gabriel means “The Strength of God” although in most of his roles in the bible (he only appears twice) is as a messenger, bringing to Zacarias, a man who is married to a cousin of Mary, that his wive shall conceive and bare a child, and that child becomes John the Baptist. Then Gabriel appears before Mary, announcing to her that she shall conceive and bare and child, and that child will be Jesus, who will be called the Son of God.

Because of his role as a messenger, Gabriel is often called upon to aid in communication, or people who use communication as a living. As his message was about pregnancy, he is also called upon to help with pregnant women. Although, during this holiday season, I see communication as taking a key precedence, as the sending of cards and letters, phone calls to family, and just helping the cheer of the season spread with kind words and well wishes is of a great benefit.

Of the ways you can call out to Gabriel for his assistance, is with some token image of Gabriel combined with angelica root, also known as Archangel root. Put the image of Gabriel up and place next to it the Archangel root, and offer a prayer up to Gabriel, asking for his aid and blessings. You might wish to sing the prayer, as Gabriel is fond of music, and is well known for his Horn, by which he calls attention to his announcements.

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