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April 19, 2010 – Gar


There is no letter equivalent for Gar

There is no rune poem for Gar. It is a Northumbrian rune.

Today’s rune is Gar. It is amusing, because I was thinking about Gar last night, before I fell asleep. I was think about the blank slate quality that Gar seems to express to me. It is empty, and yet full. In the sense that it is Ginnugagap and yet, also Yggdrasil, the void and the World Tree, in it’s emptiness, it can have everything, but by being everything it loses nothing.

Whenever I draw Gar for the daily rune, I notice that I seem to have unusual luck. Unusual, because it is unexpected and often arises out of the most obscure corners. It doesn’t even come out something forgotten, that has been left alone, but really just out of nowhere, something beneficial will happen. It feels like Gar is showing an open door, but where it leads you can never know until you pass through.
There is also a quality to Gar that I can only express as being similar in sense to the qabalistic concept of that which precedes Kether; Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. It is the forces which precede all of manifestation, that are without any quality that men, Gods or any other being can perceive. It is that quality which makes it blank, the negation of everything, including negation.

April 11, 2010 – Gar


There is no letter for Gar

There is no rune poem for Gar. It is a Northumbrian Rune.

Gar is the final rune of the Anglo-Saxon/Northumbrian Futhorc. As it falls out of the neat division of rows of eight letters each, it stands outside of the usual ordering. The name is usually translated as spear.
Gar is, as always, the cosmic blank slate. All things and No things expressed as n/one

March 9, 2010 – Gar


There is no letter equivalent for Gar

There is no rune poem for Gar

Gar is one of the Northumbrian runes, and it’s name means spear. The spear is often equated with Odhinn and his spear, Gungnir, but it is also another euphemism for Yggdrasil, The World Tree.

In a reading the meaning of Gar is somewhere between, “Answer unclear, Ask again later” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” As a symbol of the totality of creation, it reflects all that is, but also all that does not exist. The polarity of being and non-being is at play within Gar’s meaning, which is an interesting dynamic within the context of the rune of this week, Ior. In a sense we have already reached the most central point of Ior, being between the boundaries of two states, and yet so evenly balanced between the two, that we have become all and nothing simultaneously.

What we have is a Tabula Rasa, a blank slate, where we can start again and also finish in our lives, bring things to complete closure, while opening up other doors. Nothing that came before, matters now, and their may be no reward (or punishment) for actions taken. It is an opportunity to act and be open, and let things happen as they will, or as you will.

The Week of Jan 10- 17


Gar does not have a letter equivalent.

There is no poem for Gar

Gar means spear. It is often thought to refer to Odhinn’s spear, which is also an epithet for Yggdrasil, the world tree from which Odhinn hung upon to gain the knowledge of the runes.
Many runesters have come across the “blank rune” in some contemporary sets and practices. From a historical practice, this is incorrect. Some groups and people who work with the extended Anglo-Saxon Futhorc utilize Gar as having similar meanings to that “blank rune”. In this case, it’s not the cosmic denial of information, but rather and indicator of potential, events and possibilities are still in the formative state and so anything is possible. So, don’t worry about things, and let them happen or act in the ways that you desire. I also see in it the sense of freedom of action. A time when previous actions are not creating the present, but rather you have the opportunity to plan anew and change the direction of things to come.