First step into a new aettir

This week I have been working on the fourth aettir of the Anglo-saxon runes. It’s just the beginning, and it already seems hard. I might need to take more time, or increase my efforts. As these are new runes to me, it’s taking some working to really feel their nature kick in when I sing their names, or write their image the first times. The first twenty four runes I have been working with for a long time, and they are pretty familiar to me, and I have long been intimate with them. These last nine represent a unique challenge, in that what I have been doing needs a bit more effort to connect with these runes. I don’t have them tattooed on my body (although now, I want to, any tattoo artists in the So Cal area, please contact me). I have only recently started reading with them, and the information on these runes just is not as ever present as the Elder Futhark is, as the popular focus embraced the Elder Futhark, and so most runes focus on those, although most of their meanings an interpretation are taken from the Anglo-saxon rune poems, and the Norwegian and Icelandic rune poems. Thus, these runes pose a challenge for any dedicated runemal, as entering into their mysteries is a personal challenge, that has very limited resources to work from, and so they require more mystical work to open. Not even the works of Marby go into much detail about all the Anglo-Frisian runes.
Suffice to say, I am up for a challenge, and I will overcome the obstacles as I encounter them, as they are mainly obstacles coming from my own sense of identity. I might choose to focus more time on each one, giving a longer duration and more time to concentrate, sense, and connect with the symbolism, energy, spirit and magic of these last nine runes.

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