Runes of the day 365 Project

This entry actually has 3 runes for it. There is a rune for the year, the month, and the day. The rune for the year will obviously hold for all of 2010. The rune of the month will change in February, and well, there will be two rune of the day entries today.

The Rune for 2010 is Gebo

Gebo or Gyfu is the Letter G. It looks like the latin X.

The Anglo Saxon Rune Poem (translation from Rune Games by M Osborne and S Longland) gives

Gifts, to men, is an ornament
Displaying worth – and to every outcast
Without any other is substance and honor.

Often times, a statement mentioned about this rune is the saying “A gift demands a gift”. The concept of giving in Northern Europe was a big deal. It was how lords kept the loyalty of their thanes, as all the wealth would be given to the king, and then redistributed to others. Often, metaphysically, it takes to the concept of offerings to spiritual entities, in exchange for their aid or blessings. Of course, that can also work backwards, that one makes offerings for aid and blessings already bestowed. In a practical sense it refers to contracts, oaths and agreements/commitments. In terms of a rune for a year, it shows that 2010 will be marked with many interactions with people and powers where exchanges, agreements and contracts are entered into and negotiated. Ultimately, anything can be gained, but there is a always a price. It may not be in gold or wealth, but is the cost worth the prize?

The Rune for January is Ehwaz Reversed

Ehwaz is the vowel e, as the short sound like the word get. It looks like the latin M. As it is revered, it would be upside down.

Anglo Saxon Rune Poem

The Horse before peers is princely joy
Stepping out proudly when spoken of
By wealthy riders all around him
And to one who’s unquiet he is ever a comfort

Ehwaz is the horse. Often in discussion of this rune will come up talk about the cultic value of the horse. One great example from sags literature is when a nyth-stav is stood in the earth, cursing a king and queen from the country, and the stav is topped with the skull of horse. Part of the Horse cult was also a cult of Divine Twins that are recognized in Northern Europe, often seen as Frey and Freya. While horses can be seen as fertility bringers (for the obvious reason) they are also known for their speed, strength, the bond that can be formed between a horse and his rider, and of course their value, as horses were often only the property of wealthy or nobility. Of course, the symbolism of the Horse is also all connected to this rune. For me personally, it is the idea of speed. So, in the case of this rune coming up reversed, it shows either the need or the result of being slowed down or moving slowly. Take your time. Don’t rush. Stop, be aware and let things move at their own pace, instead of trying to rush.

The Rune for January 1, 2010 is Mannaz

Mannaz is the letter M. It looks like an M but with a x connecting the two sides.

Anglo Saxon Rune Poem

A man in his gladness is dear to his kinsmen
Yet each must fail the friend he loves
For the lord in his judgement will allot
That unfortunate flesh to the earth
\Mannaz means man. It refers to men, and humanity in general, as opposed to males only. The rune poem itself suggests the bonds of humanity, friendship, partnership and connection, but also humanities frailness, that we must die eventually. While the word Lord is suggestive of the Christian god, it was also word commonly used before as reference to any divine figure, particularly the concept of a distant creator or divine figure, as the word of its from the language (dryghten) I believe is actually a gender neutral word, meaning it is neither male nor female. The power of man is his mind. So while Mannaz also refers to humanity, it also connects to the power of the mind, and mental faculties. It also draws upon the whole man, not just our material manifestation, but our complete spiritual connection, all of our spiritual anatomy, whether that be chakras, three selves, or other maps of spiritual components. Mannaz helps to bring them together in partnership, and awakening the whole person to their real identity, and from there, the human can move forward an enter into healthy partnership with other humans, whether it be romantic, familial, spiritual or economics.

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