Rune of the Week and Day

The rune for this week is Ýr reversed

Ýr is the letter Y. It resembles and upside down u, with a line or a tau inside connecting the sides.

The Anglo-Saxon Poem
The bow is a joy to princes and nobles
A reminder of worth looks well on a steed,
Quick in its course, fine equipment

Ýr translates as bow, or often yew bow, as bows for archery were often made from wood of the yew tree. The main quality that the poem indicates is the value of the bow, and how great and useful it is. The bow is of such value that is valued by “princes and nobles.” What I extract from this meaning is the use of tools and also of skill. An finely crafted tool is good to own, and will work well, but it is as only as good as the skill of the wielder ultimately. A finely crafted bow is made only be a very skilled artisan. To me, the esoteric meaning of this rune is in skill and ability. In the reversed form, it is the need for skill and ability, and opportunities to grow in skill and ability

The rune of the day is Laguz

Laguz is the letter L. It looks like half an arrow symbol.

The Anglo-Saxon Poem
Water to landsmen seems overly long
If they must go on the galloping ship
And the sea-waves scare them excessively
And the horse of the sea heeds not his bridle

Laguz translates as water, but also stream and sea. It is very related to water. The poem describes the dangerous journey over the ocean, as storms or rough waters could make travel by boat perilous and frightening. Having crossed the English Channel in a ship once myself, the surging sea waves, and the swaying of the vessel was very trying, and I was one of the few who managed to keep his stomach under control.

To me personally, the esoteric meaning of Laguz is about flow. Laguz shows where your life is moving or flowing. It indicates that his day will flow. Obstacles will be easily navigated, and rough spots will come and just as quickly pass through, as one continues to flow through their day. Any action you take will just move, and while the end may not be visible, ultimately you will reach it.

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