So, on Thursday, during my regular round of meditation, magic and metaphysical mucking about, I got a little bit of inspiration. I think maybe, the runes were correcting me. Previously I have written about the Audh-stafir and my suggestions of what they are. It seems I was wrong. Thank you Rune Wights for the correction.

I was led through the Futhorc, step by step, shown which Runes to use. In some cases, I was correct, because, well, it would be impossible to miss, but in others, well I don’t know how to explain it, really.

Of course, there is Feoh. It means Gold or Wealth. That one is given.

And next, also a given, is Gebo, the Gift. It is philanthropy, presents from others, gifts form the gods, but also partnerships, contracts and agreements.

Jera follows, the fruits of work, labor, and persistence.

Peorth has been explained more to me. Yes, it is gambling, games of risk and chance. It is also hidden treasure. It represents an item or thing or person whose value is not obvious or might have been lost. Why? Well, to me Peorth is about those who have passed away. Peorth is a rune associated with magic of death, particularly necromancy and the power to call up the dead, for their knowledge and wisdom that they had in life. So, of course as a rune wealth rune, it would indicate their possession, often buried. This doesn’t mean I am condoning grave robbing or stealing from corpses. While perhaps in 1st world countries, most people don’t go burying or hiding their wealth as much any more, it was and is a common practice in other places. But it can also show you to someone that is perhaps has a good idea, or whose time has come, and that by promoting them, you yourself might get the boost you desire. It is of course, risky as well, but a different kind of risk. I guess I already said this, but I think it needed more clarification.

Moving forward, we actually come to Ehwaz. I know I said Berkana before, but no, that isn’t correct. It is just Ehwaz. As I said before, Ehwaz is the horse. It is fast money. The expendable kind, that comes quickly and goes quickly.

No Inguz. Sorry, not gonna happen.

Aethel of course is Property, Land and Inheritance. Those things that you can get from relatives, or if you acquire the first two on your own, you may want to give to relatives some day.

So, here are the surprises to me.

Yr is a rune of wealth, as it represents skill, ability and tools. A skilled crafter with the right equipment can stand to make a fortune, or at least do well. The same goes for a skilled salesperson, or a skilled waiter or waitress, or really any profession. Everything has it’s own skill set, and the capable person who can put that skill set to good use is always favored and able to make a living.

Kalk is the next audh-runar. In this case, it is the cup of victory and achievement. Think, like the Stanley Cup, or a Trophy. You could also think of an Olympic Gold Medal, yes, it’s not a cup, but still, pretty valuable. What comes with that kind of attainment is favors, honors and recognition. In this day an age, successful athletes get promotional opportunities, where they are paid for their fame, and other boons and gifts bestowed on them for their hard work that has paid off.

The final one is Stan (pronounced Shtan, but I might just put the h in there in future spellings). Shtan means stone. This one made me wonder. But then I thought of valuable stone, from expensive marble or granite used in homes, to jewels that are rare and prized. I also feel this applies to rare metals from the earth, like silver and gold. Yes Feoh means gold too, but that gold to me has been forged and shaped, made into coins that can easily exchange hands. This metals might be simply finished, like large gold ingots, or still in raw ore form, that needs to be refined to extract the value. To me, that is part of the value, with items whose worth isn’t likely to change much over time, except maybe to grow in value.

I am going to spent the next 8 days working with these runes individually. Today I am working with Gebo, and I am curious to see what comes from this.

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