January 21, 2010


Uruz is the letter U

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from ragweedforge.com)

The aurochs is proud and has great horns;
it is a very savage beast and fights with its horns;a great ranger of the moors, it is a creature of mettle

Uruz means auroch, a type of wild ox/cattle like creature that once roamed Europe. It was a pretty dangerous animal, with great strength.

Esoterically, it is the strength and primal power of the auroch that is the message of Uruz. On one hand, the strength is physical power and muscle, but it could also embody mental and spiritual strength as well. This strength also translates to the general strength of the body over all, i.e. health. It can greatly refer to ones health in a reading, but is also useful in healing and improving health. The primal power is also present in Uruz in the form of potential. Aurochs were undomesticated, but our current ox and cattle of northern Europe are descended from aurochs. It is this symbolic meaning of potential, potential that can be shaped and formed into future possibilities. Uruz is the power of shaping and forming. That is the second reason also while it figures into healing magic, but also is useful and just about any other kind of magic as well, especially when engaging in a new venture or working a specific direction or goal with the support of magic

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