February 9, 2010


Jera is the letter J, but it’s name it’s pronounced more like a yah sound.

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from ragweedforge.com)

Summer is a joy to men, when God, the holy King of Heaven,
suffers the earth to bring forth shining fruitsfor rich and poor alike.

Jera (or Ger) translates as Year or Summer, and also as Harvest. The stanza indicates the that quickening of the earth during the warmer months, that brings forth fruit that is available to everyone, before there was the rampant idea of enclosed property and ownership of plants or seeds.

Jera is a rune that I both love and find annoying. On one hand, it represents the fruition of effort (particularly from effort exerted over a long period of time) and bounty. It is the harvest of your work. On the other hand, it shows the need for patience. This boon doesn’t come quickly or easily, but is gained from discipline and dedication, especially when it shows up in a future position of a reading. The harvest isn’t here yet, but it is coming, so keep working. It is also an audh-runa (wealth rune) that relates to steady work, solid, beneficial employment. It is more about the career and long term investments, then immediate finances, and definitely not something to take risk with.

While Jera is non-reversible, and so it always shows the fruition of effort, depending upon a reading, this can be a undesired sign. A definite reminder that you reap what you sow. While I don’t necessarily believe in Karma, I do believe in ethics, and so, be ethical.

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