February 11, 2010


Gebo is the letter G (as in go)

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from ragweedforge.com)

Generosity brings credit and honour, which support one’s dignity;
it furnishes help and subsistence
to all broken men who are devoid of aught else

Gebo is translated as generosity or as gift. A significant part of the social structure of northern European peoples was based upon the giving of gifts between men. It is essentially, the social contract that bound people together into communities.

Esoterically speaking, Gebo is this exchange on any level. It is a rune of relationship and parternership, whether it is romantically, economically, intellectually or spiritually. Depending upon the context of the question it shows a give and take that is necessary for the coming together. Sometimes you get to be in the receiving position, sometimes you need to be the one giving and showing generosity. By coming into this exchange, you can gain in honor and dignity, values which have a metaphysical impact as well as social one. It is a complex subject, but in general, living your life with honor and integrity gives a person spiritual force and power born of respect because they do what they say, and keep their word. This can even be developed in complete isolation from other people, and the spiritual realms will recognize it. Dignity, however, does require people. It is not being dignified, but rather having the appreciation of the people who are close to you. While there will always be (and always has been) people who will gossip, and engage in rumor and innuendo, they don’t matter here. The people who are close to you, close friends, close family, who know they can depend on you (or not) and that you can depend on them (or not) creates that dignity. Raven Kaldera calls this hamingja. Gebo is the rune of hamingja and honor (which Mr. Kaldera calls maegen) both, and the benefits of that that value exchange between people. The gift of this results in what people might call luck.

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