February 13, 2010


Sowelo is the letter S

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from ragweedforge.com)

The sun is ever a joy in the hopes of seafarers
when they journey away over the fishes’ bath,
until the courser of the deep bears them to land.

Sowelo (or Sol) is the Sun. I believe we have seen this rune before. It’s the Sun. Bright, shining, and warm, it is solar disc that has long been associated with life, power and greatness.

Looking back over the past week, each day has been filled with benevolent runes. Sun, Wealth, Harvest, Generosity. Yet the rune of the week was Ear, expressing decay and death. I believe it was the slow decay of old things passing away, clearing and preparing the week for this good to enter in. I also think of Ear as an expression of the slight change to my daily practice I have made. Following the cycle of the moon, as most followers of the this blog know, the waxing to full is the period that brings increase and growth, while the waning to dark lessens and degenerates. Since the full moon, I have been working more with the powers of the waning moon. It is interesting to see how that influence seems to clear the way for good things to come. Yet, what does all this moon and lessening have to do with Sowelo? Sowelo came about as a result of the darkness passing away.

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