February 18, 2010

Ac Reversed

Ac is the vowel A (like far)

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from ragweedforge.com)

The oak fattens the flesh of pigs for the children of men.
Often it traverses the gannet’s bath,and the ocean proves whether the oak keeps faithin honourable fashion.

Again we return to Ac reversed. While I was making my entry in my working journal, which only has quick notes and a running entry so I can write it down and then make this entry later, a word came to me. Un-rooted. In the sense that Ac is the Oak tree, and to me the expression of Yggdrasil as it exists in the Middle World, if it appears reversed, it suggests that you aren’t being present in the Middle World. The here and now is where you have bills, a body, and a life that needs to be lived. Without that rooting, that grounded-ness you will lack the enduring strength that will help you through the challenges of life both in physical and spiritual realities. It tells me I need to work on that today, and deal with the practical challenges that are before me.

With a further stroke of insight I had as I was posting this, ignoring your material responsibilities is also dishonorable, as your are breaking your commitments in doing so.

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