Rune of March – Thurisaz reversed

Thurisaz Reversed

Thurisaz is the sound ‘th’

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The thorn is exceedingly sharp,
an evil thing for any knight to touch,uncommonly severe on all who sit among them

It appears the last week of February was a preparation for the whole month of March, as we are returned to Thurisaz reversed. There is a protective quality to thurisaz reversed that is like being a small animal who seeks protection amidst the thorns and briars. Because of being the type of being you are, you can be safe inside there, as you move cautiously past all the sharp thorns and pricks, meanwhile the predators, those who are coming after you, are not able to move through them successfully and are cut and pricked, and so leave you alone, allowing you to continue going on. Yes, they can be severe on you too, but for right now, they are protecting you from harm.

Another quality that Thurisaz has is the ability to slip past or penetrate defenses, obstacles and blockages. Looking at a small thorn, it seems such a tiny harmless thing, but yet they can just slip right through even the best protection and prick you. Many times as child growing up, I have been pricked from thorns of plants in my mother’s garden, even though I was wearing heavy denim and leather gloves. I made the wrong move, or that one un-protected spot just got through and pricked me. Thurisaz is also good at finding that one un-protected spot, that weakness, that chink in the armor. In the reversed state, you can use that to your advantage. It is an opportunity to break through obstacles, but also personal barriers to reach your desires or goals.

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