March 3, 2010 – Qweorth


Qweorth is the letter Q

There is no rune poem for Qweorth

The meaning of Qweorth, much like Peorth, is unclear. The most common meaning I have seen with people who have sought to define it is the fire-twirl. The fire-twirl is the sacred brand or torch that was used by earlier peoples to re-ignite fires. In some cases, it was a longer branch and may have been lit at both ends. To me, that is what I see in the image of the rune Qweorth, a branch that has been lit at both ends.

The fires that the twirl would re-ignite may be home fires, and even sacred fires, although usually the twirl itself was probably lit from a sacred fire, perhaps one that was kept burning all the time, an eternal flame. As the harnessing of fire and learning to create fire is one of the advances that humanity used to protect itself and slowly transformed culture and society, it is often given a sacred status, and the re-lighting of fires was a unique ritual, especially done after the winter solstice.

The other sacred fire is the funeral pyre. This is the meaning that Raven Kaldera focuses on, understandably so as his mistress is Hela, the Northern European Goddess who governs the afterlife and the underworld, known as Hel or Helheim.

As the symbol of the sacred fire, Qweorth symbolizes all of these qualities. It shows that this fire is burning, and it either needs to be tended or perhaps now is the time to re-ignite. It may also show that a great purification is taking place or coming, in which all that is unworthy or lacking will be burned away. It is destructive, but the destruction quickly clears the way for new things to take it’s place. Much like a forest fire will destroy acres of trees, but often the seeds of the trees are now stimulated to grow, their seed coats opened or burned away, allowing them to propagate. The fire also quickened the cycle of fertility, as the ash of the trees and plants now fertilizes the ground that they once fed upon, which may have become depleted because the cycle had become slowed down. The fires of creation can destroy, much like the fires of destruction can create.

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