March 21 – March 27, 2010 – Inguz


Inguz is the suffix –ing

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Ing was first seen by men among the East-Danes,
till, followed by his chariot,he departed eastwards over the waves.So the Heardingas named the hero

Ing is the name of one of the gods of the Anglo-Saxon peoples. It is another name from Freyr, the Vanic god of crops and grain (among other things). The rune Ing speaks to his power to bring fertility and virility to the earth and to people.

In my personal experience, there is something about the appearance of Inguz that says “you are going to get laid.” I think it is something about fertile/virile nature of Inguz that flows through this rune that brings out of the erotic and sexual appetites of people. Of course, sex is just a catalyst for human life, relationships, metaphysical connections and so much more. As Inguz is the rune of the catalyst, that which triggers the change or growth or transformation that follows, It makes perfect sense to me that Inguz would have such a strong tie to male sexuality, as the catalyst to human reproduction,

Of course, in another sense, it is a perfect rune to embody the season we have just entered into. As this past weekend marked the turn of the solar year into spring time, as we have just had the day of even hours of light and darkness (otherwise known as the spring equinox) now the sign of life are going to be full force. The change of the season is going to be marked by day after day of bursts of energy, as in much colder climates then Southern California, flowers, trees and other plants will be springing to life. Here, there are sign of that too, but they are more subtle. Our winter rains have nourished the plant life, and new growth, has only peeked through. Some of our native flowering plants have blossomed forth, and for the moment our hills are green, instead of the rest of the year brown. More changes are going to come, don’t you worry.

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