March 28, 2010 – Qweorth


Qweorth is the letter Q

Qweorth is one of the Northumbrian runes. There is no rune poem from qweorth.

It’s name’s exact meaning is a mystery, but often qweorth is translated as “fire-twirl” the sacred two ended torch that is used to re-light the sacred fire when the year turns. Because of that association, it is symbolic of a sacred fire, or holy fire, and also the pure aspects of fire itself, both as an act of creation and destruction. Destruction as expressed as the sacred fire used to light funeral pyres, or as a place that offerings are given, consumed and released to the Gods.

When qweorth appears in a reading, expect rapid change and transformation, physical spiritual and otherwise. It is one of the fire runes that shows great heat and intensity. While Sowelo can be a sunny day, Qweorth is the heatwave, that scorches and burns. In some practices, heat and fire is the force that puts things into action, gets things moving towards your desired goal, and often does it quickly. It might be that a fire is being lit underneath you to get you moving forward, either for something you want, or because someone wants you out of their way.

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