April 2, 2010- Qweorth


Qweorth is the letter Q

There is no rune poem for Qweorth. It is one of the Northumbrian Runes.

The fire-twirl. The sacred fire. The fire of creation and destruction. The transforming fire. The funeral pyre. This is qweorth. This is the fire that changes everything. It brings heat and light and yet it can also bring destruction. Sometimes it can do both in a single stroke.

It is the opposite of Isa in every way. It is action and dynamic and going somewhere in contrast to Isa which is still, inert, and unmoving. Qweorth can melt and release what Isa has frozen and captured.

Sometimes though, you don’t want to release things, or at least, not quickly. But that is the way qweorth. If you aren’t ready to immediately deal with what is before you, don’t set it alight with qweorth. What maybe released from the destruction may not be what you thought you were getting.

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