April 13, 2010 – Os reversed

Os reversed

Os is the vowel O, like “goat ‘

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (fromragweedforge.com)

The mouth is the source of all language,
a pillar of wisdom and a comfort to wise men,a blessing and a joy to every knight

Os reversed is the closed mouth. Instead of speaking, there is silence, voices are muted, and messages are missed. In contemplating this, I had the thought of how this could be a good and a bad thing. Silence gives us opportunities to think, reflect and contemplate, especially on the internal forces that churn and chatter away within all of us. In that silence, it is possible for wisdom and personal knowledge to grow, until the time to speak has returned.

As a bad thing, Os reversed can show all the worst of poor communication, messages missed or poorly expressed, misinterpretations of communication, and perhaps even arguments, and sometimes just out right being silenced, having your voice stopped by outside influences.

There is the possibility of both of these expressions today, but I sense the choice remains with each person of how to experience it, and you just might experience both.

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