April 17, 2010 – Cweorth


Cweorth is the letter Q

Cweorth does not have a rune poem. It is a Northumbrian rune.

The rune of the fire-twirl, Cweorth, is the sacred and holy fire, from which other flames are light, and offerings are consumed that they can be sent to the Gods. The eternal fire. Everything that is touched by it is transformed, sometimes to benefit, sometimes to be destroyed. But, if you reach in, you might just seize the flame itself, and learn to dance with the fire, and embrace the powers of both, balanced with skill and wisdom.

What does that mean? In a practical way, it takes your passions and energizes them, encouraging action, motion and force. It might also burn the obstacles out of your way, whether those obstacles be external or internal. With those obstacles cleared, new things might grow and mature in their place.
I have also been contemplating some of the primal cosmological forces of the Northern Tradition, and it is interesting that Cweorth, the rune that embodies on of those forces as appeared. The balance and juxtaposition of Fire and Ice, and how that also plays out in other ways is an interesting concept to think about and apply.

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