Rune of the Month – Raidho


Raidho is the letter R

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Riding seems easy to every warrior while he is indoors
and very courageous to him who traverses the high-roadson the back of a stout horse

Raidho, the rune of riding, the road and journeys is the rune for May. Expect issues to arise dealing with travel, both physical and metaphysical. You may find barriers or obstacles being removed or created, as well as new insights, new roads opening up, and many other themes relating to journeys. The beginning of May has the possibility to focus more on the inner journey, one that my be psychological or magical in nature, with the closing of Mercury Retrograde. The inner journey may help you to realize what outer journey’s you should take when the time comes.

Part of my understanding of Raidho is that there is an element of rhythm. In many journeys, establishing a rhythm to the way you are moving helps make the journey easier, whether that be music you listen to, or a “right-left-right” going through your own head as you proceed down the road. You might even align with the greater rhythms of creation, and use that as your guide to when and where to go, how to get there, and what time to arrive. Even when it seems absent, rhythm is something that may subtly be present, from the long subtle rhythms that mark the cycles of sun and moon, to the rhythm that pounds away within your chest, created by the beating of your heart.

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