May 5, 2010 – Cweorth / Qweorth

Cweorth (or Qweorth)

Cweorth is the letter and sound Q

There is no rune poem for Cweorth. It is a Northumbrian Rune.

Cweorth is the embodiment of Fire, the Primal and Cosmic Fire that in the Northern Tradition is based in Muspel, the land of fire Giants. This land was one of the primordial worlds, the others being Nifelheim and Ginnugagap. This is the fire that burns endlessly, consuming everything, but it is the same fire that brought about the beginning of creation, as the heat of Muspel melted the ice of Nifelheim. The resulting flow of water (and the purification of the poison from it) began the process of creation, filling the void of Ginnugagap.
It is these forces which Cweorth brings when it appears in a reading, it initiates things, melting away what is frozen or static and bringing action. It purifies things, as the heat distills out the poison and toxins that have been frozen within. Through these methods, it clears the way so new things can come forth, filling the void that exists in their absence. From the alternate view, all these things are destructive though, as they destroy things that maybe we have built up to protect ourselves or to insulate ourselves from things that we are afraid of. By removing the toxins, it can put us into shock, as we have become use to filling ourselves with the poisons, and now our systems purge themselves, and in that purification the healing can be difficult and sometimes even painful as we have to adapt to our new existence, which isn’t comfortable and familiar like the old one that is gone.

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