May 11, 2010 – Laguz


Laguz is the letter L

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

The ocean seems interminable to men,
if they venture on the rolling barkand the waves of the sea terrify themand the courser of the deep heed not its bridle
Laguz, the rune of water, rivers, oceans, is mainly about Flow. Water is always flowing. Even seemingly still water is moving, a simple convection current, that moves it slowly as the molecules heat and cool. Laguz flows through things, riding various currents both physical and metaphysical, flowing past obstacles and moving gracefully to it’s destination. It can be the flow of blood in the arteries and veins, the flow of a river to the ocean, the flowing ocean current as it moves from north to south, or the flow of a day, moving effortlessly along from morning to midday to evening, as people flow through their lives. It can also be the flow of emotions, as one responds to situations as they are encountered. It can be seen in the channels of metaphysical energy that cross the human body, or the flowing energies of the Earth, which can be heeded when built to ensure health, happiness and abundance,

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