May 17, 2010 – Gar


There is no letter equivalent for Gar

There is no rune poem for Gar. It is a Northumbrian Rune.

Gar, the tabula rasa, is the rune for Monday. After a very long but pleasant weekend, where I was all but unable to do except for the most basic of my daily spiritual disciplines, I am back. I haven’t fully stepped back into disciplines, and I think the message of Gar today is that it is okay. Let yourself be free, and clear, and sometimes after a period of rest and relaxation is when the work already done gets the chance to take effect. It can also be that moment of inspiration that comes, after hard work has been done, a part of the creative process. By opening up, allow oneself to relax, clear the mind and just be, the glimmer of light, the still small voice, that which you have been searching for, suddenly gains the opportunity to be heard and seen

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