May 27, 2010 – Raidho


Raidho is the letter R

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Riding seems easy to every warrior while he is indoors
and very courageous to him who traverses the high-roadson the back of a stout horse

Raidho is the rune of the road, journey, and travel. It is all about have a destination (literal, metaphorical or metaphysical) in mind, and taking the steps necessary to get there. In a reading it indicates travel of various kinds, and in a reading about travel, is a benevolent indication that the journey will go well and proceed with out overwhelming difficulty.

It is a definitely a rune of action, especially planned and decisive action (in the sense of being prepared for a trip). It is also well suited for any kind of spiritual journeying, whether it be shamanic, pathworking or astral projection. Combined with other runes, it can be the mean of going on the road you need to walk, a means to ensure that you are going where you want to go in the changeable lands of the otherworlds, and that you don’t wander from your road on accident.

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