So, I am not sure who did it first, but, for some reason, every book writer on runes out there seems to give “cattle” (as in cows) as the meaning for Feoh. A closer meaning would be chattel (a unit of personal property), which is related to the word capital (as in money). I don’t know who started this trend, but if I could travel back in time to correct it, I would.

It’s not cattle. All the rune poems give the meaning of “Wealth.” Wealth first. Cattle as a symbol of wealth, sure, but it is secondary to “Wealth.” Wealth can be gold. It can be wheat. It can be the GNP of a country. It can be the annual dividend of stockholder. It can be a fistful of bills. It could mean the head of cattle that you own as a wealthy rancher and raiser of livestock.

If you want cows go to Ur, the auroch aka Bos Primigenius. That is cattle.

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