September 1, 2010 – Yr reversed

Yr reversed

Yr is the letter “y”

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem (from

Yr is a source of joy and honour to every prince and knight;
it looks well on a horse and is a reliable equipment for a journey

Yr is the rune of skill, craft, focus. I often think of hands and the many abilities that come from having skillful hands in creating, or working. When Yr is reversed, it indicates that there is a lack of skill and ability, especially in whatever is being pursued. Perhaps today is just an off day, and your usual talent just seems to be failing. Most likely other factors are involved. Your focus might be scattered, and all of your actions suffer because you are trying to do too many things all at once. You might try to back off, and just approach things one at a time, or else everything might end up being half done. Spend time in preparation, and think about the actions being taken, instead of just following the usual effortless action, that is just not there today.

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