Experiences with subtle anatomy

One of the methods that I use in working with runes is meditation. I find it works really well for me, and in clearing my mind, it helps to clear everything else out.

Part of my meditation is reciting part of the Havamal, followed by a quick bit of runic galdr, going through the futhorc from Feoh to Gar. It’s pretty calming, and in allowing my voice to sing, sometimes keeping it even through it, sometimes varying pitch and rhythm with each rune, I feel a strong connection, and affirm that connection to the runes every time I do it, almost every day. As I sing their names, I visualize a circle of energy that forms around me, usually ruby red in color, which the runes emerge from and return to. When I reach Gar, it sits at the axis of this circle, and it’s points become kind of spokes, joining with it and forming a wheel.

When I originally started doing this, I noticed that at first, the runes seemed to be coming to my third eye center and then the circle would stabilize around my throat/shoulders. For the past month though, it has seemed to be operating at my solar plexus, and the intensity of the red was brilliant and shining. This past weekend, it moved back to my throat one day, the next day it climbed up to my third eye/crown, where the circle then became a shimmering/prismatic white, it seemed like a halo or crown sitting on my head, blazing letters of flaming light. This morning, when I reached the end of the rune galdr, the circles formed at every energy center I work with (which is five, root, solar plexus, heart, throat, eye/crown) and then starting from the base, and going up, each Gar came in, rippling up the central channel that unites them. They all seemed to be turning at different speeds, and felt like different colors (although I didn’t necessarily take the time to perceive them all) they all felt harmonious and unified together.
I am not sure what it all means, if anything, but it was a really awesome experience to have.

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