November 7 – 13, 2010 – Inguz


Inguz is the suffix –ing

Anglo-Saxon rune poem (from

Ing was first seen by men among the East-Danes,
till, followed by his chariot,he departed eastwards over the waves.So the Heardingas named the hero

Inguz is the rune of potential and contained power, but also the catalyst that sets forces and events in motion. In this sense it embodies many things, such as sacrifice (the offerings that give sustenance to spiritual beings, so they can work for you, or perhaps fulfill your request) to a symbol for male aspect of nature, creation and divinity, the inseminating force that helps life to renew itself, in seeds that wait until the right moment to spring forth. With that in mind, that is the influence operating for this week. Recognize what is needed to achieve what one desires, or even to recognize what is really desired. To find the potential and power, and gather it up, and also to catalyze other forces, and supplicate the Powers that be, in asking for their assistance.

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