November 11, 2010 – Cweorth


Cweorth is the letter Q

There is no rune poem for cweorth. It is a Northumbrian Rune.

Cweorth is the sacred or sacrificial fire. A sacrificial fire turns items into it and makes them sacred, often in a sense of offering to a divine being. When you work with fire often in a sacred or magical manner (and I do, every day, and sometimes in different ways, but primarily in the burning of candles), there is a lot that can be learned from it. In this way, fire shows it’s slow and steady face. When it is controlled and directed, with a limited fuel source, it brings light, warmth and it’s own special kind of magic while it burns. In every method of magic I have found, fire often places a role of some kind, with lamps of divination from ancient hermetic methods, to candles that are used in contemporary forms. Fire is often revered as the first tool. It was the ability to harness fire, to cook, to heat, to protect, to create other things that are often the focus of myth in the legendary past. Prometheus and his gift of fire is what made civilization to the Greeks, while the fires of Muspell is what made existence possible at all. While water is often seen as the nourishing force, it is fire which is life itself, the energy that quickens existence into action.

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