December 14, 2010 – Inguz


Inguz is the suffix –ing

Anglo-Saxon rune poem (from

Ing was first seen by men among the East-Danes,
till, followed by his chariot,he departed eastwards over the waves.So the Heardingas named the hero

Inguz, the rune of Frey, of the catalyzing force, and of the potential that lies dormant within, is the rune for today. Todays particular expression is the catalyst, as Inguz touches upon the primal forces of creation, stirring them in activity. Of course, the intelligent embodiment of these forces, as known in the Northern Tradition, are the jotuns or giants. In Greek, they are the Titans, the powers that existed before the Olympian Gods.

What that means, for most people, today will be a day rife with challenges and difficulties. Exhaustion, feeling ill at ease, or just dealing one vortex of chaos after another, trying to put out the fires, can sum up the experience of most people. Try not to overreact though, as the mistakes and problems of today, will only come back to haunt you again later.

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