An invocation of the runes

Hail Rune Wights of the Nine Worlds, Hail to the Hidden Runes, Interpreted signs, the many symbols of Might and Power, by great singer painted, by the high powers fashioned, graved by the utterer of Gods, Hail cosmic runes, bright runes, Holy runes, Hail Luck staves, Wyrd staves, Spell staves, Hail Mind runes, Hail Dream staves, Hail Speech runes and Song runes, Hail Joy Runes and Victory Runes, Hail Wealth Runes, Hail Thief Staves, Hail Birth runes, Blood runes, and limb runes, Hail Health staves, Hail Sea runes, Earth Runes, Fire Runes, Sky Runes, Hail Wind staves, Water staves, Rock staves, Flame staves, Hail Death Runes, Black runes, Hel Runes, and Conflict Runes, Hail Murk staves, Deception staves, and Evil staves, Great Rune Wights, Your weal I win, your boon I obey, your good I happily gain, Hail to the speaker, the knower, the listener, Use what you have learned

copyright Br. Christopher 2010

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