Year’s Renewal

So, at the beginning of last year, I took up the practice of posting a rune for each day of 2010. I might not have succeeded in doing it every day, but darn well near it. So, now, I am going to bid adieu to that posting, and perhaps move in a new direction, although I am not sure exactly yet what that direction will be.

To conclude this, I will post about the rune for 2011.


Jera is the letter J

Anglo-Saxon rune poem (from

Summer is a joy to men, when God, the holy King of Heaven,
suffers the earth to bring forth shining fruitsfor rich and poor alike

Jera is the rune of the year, summer, and of the harvest. It is one of the non-invertible runes, as it looks the same whether you turn it up or upside down. I tend to think of it as being constant in that way, as it always brings good things with it, although it is not always quick to manifest. Part of the understanding of Jera is that is demands patience, dedication and work. Just like plants don’t immediately sprout from seeds and become full grown, so to does any worthwhile harvest come about without time to mature develop and become full formed. While it is maturing, it needs to be fed, nurtured, and tended to, receiving adequate light, water, and nutrients. Some of what you desire might also require unusual things, like prolonged darkness, or exposure to cold, or assistance in stripping away the protective seed coat, in order to help germinate the plant.

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