Powers of Ten


Maybe viewers in the USA maybe familiar with this video. It was commonly shown in many science classes in various high schools, probably across the country. I know I have seen it more then a few times. The purpose of this video is to help give a conceptual sense of how microscopic and how macrocosmic the physical universe is. At either end of those two extremes is a void.

However, the main purpose of this video is more the concepts of scale, and applying that to ones magical and spiritual work. It seems kind of mind-blowing, but so far I have found it to be incredibly effective and also very sublime.

It is mostly a visualization, but one that can be included in any ritual or spell or technique. The main areas that I have experimented directly with is healing. Visualzing a healing symbol imprinting itself onto the very atoms of a being, then the molecules, then the DNA chains, then the cells, the tissues, up to the level of regular experience. Each symbol is sending healing energy, with each level there being trillions, billions, millions of symbols repeated again and again on each level until there is the one symbol existing at every day existence. I found at least that it seemed to help speed recovery.

From the opposite end, you can continue to send energy, concept, a vibration until it fills all the space around you, your home, your block, your neighborhood, your city, county, metro area, region, country, continent, hemisphere, world, solar system, galaxy until all space is filled with light, or love, or peace, etc… You could just as easily focus on more challenging concepts like entropy or death, and perhaps tie that into dark matter and black holes, but touching on galactic concepts can be a major mind trip and a brush with enlightenment.

You could pair the concepts with the Underworld, perhaps a sacred quantum chthonic realm, or a holy galactic celestial world, and bring their energies down into. The roots of the Tree and it’s branches can far out reach the physical touch of men, but the conceptual can move to it’s very tips. Bringing both down into the mid-realm, the world of form and substance can bring on a heady rush of enlightment, but also give energies that can be effectively channeled for any number of purposes.

I am sorry if this seems a little vague or unclear, but it’s a concept I am playing with in my personal work and contemplation.

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